June 24th, 2010

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Travelling to USA (2 questions)

Hello! In less than a month, I'll be flying to the US, for 20 days, and I'm planning to wear Lolita most, if not every, day while I'm there. I'm from Peru, so it's going to be a ~15 hour flight (Well, 6 hours + 5 hours of waiting + 2 hours to final destination, there are no direct flights to WC XD). Anyways, I'm going to take my Montreal RHS, but they're going to go in the suitcase. I'm curious to know how you guys travel your RHS, since they are quite new, and I'm afraid they could be damaged during the flight. I'd pack them the exact way they came from Ling Lam, but I seriously can't remember how x_X

Aand.. Second not-so-important question. I've been lurking the comm for a while, trying to see if there are any Loliable finds in the most common US stores. I'm really looking to expanding my wardrove, even if it's just by commons (not precisely jewellry, I've seen a lot of posts about that lately!) or something. So, I'd really appreciate if you have any recommendations about this, especially with things that have just came out, since I won't be there until mid-July. I just want to know which stores I should definately check ;3

I've looked at the Memories for the first question, but I really haven't found a thing.

Thanks <3
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Meta Lucky Pack

Hi ladies,

I am trying to buy a Meta Lucky pack, but I don't see the option of where to buy it. So my question is:

Will it be under "New Arrivals" or "Sales" or anything like that?

Also, will it be sold when it's Friday night there (like, midnight turning into Friday AM? or Midnight turning into Saturday, if that makes sense?) I know it says evening, but I'm buying from Florida, so it's a 14 hour time difference.

Thanks again.

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There have been a number of discussions on how to buy online. But what about sellers? More specifically, what about sellers who want to make and sell their items?
Some of this is pretty broad information for all sellers (Shipping 101, Product Photography), and the rest are geared toward those of you who make and market your own items (or would like to).

(Linked articles are snagged from Indiepreneur.org)

Shipping 101

Product Photography

(This is also a good read for buyers to understand general rules of pricing and why really good-quality handmade items are not as cheap as, say, Bodyline and why part-time sellers looking for spare change on the sales comm can sell cheaper than people who try to work as a business.)

How To Name Your Shop

Etsy 101

E-Commerce Lesson One: The Website
(Rather self explanatory title. Useful if you're planning to make a non-etsy/ebay/livejournal webshop for your items. Also goes well with 5 Easy Steps To A Website Of Your Own)

E-Commerce Lesson Two: What Are You Going to Sell?
Aka: "Find Your Niche" and "But I Want to Be A Special Snowflake"
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E-Commerce Lesson Three: What's Your Limit?
Aka: Set Yourself Up For Failure
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5 Essential Reasons to Focus On Repeat Customers

Branding: You’re Already Doing It
(Quote: "EVERYTHING YOU DO, or don’t do, becomes your brand.")

Visiting Salt Lake City in July

HI!  I will be visiting SLC for about 4 or 5 days in July and I was hoping there might be fun thing for a Lolita to do.  I have never been to Utah and do not have any friends or family to hang with so I am going to have a lot of time to myself to wander.  Are there any shops to check out (Lolita and not), nice fabric/craft shops, or yummy bakeries.  I will not have a car so driving is out of the question.  Any suggestions?
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looking for floral coordinate inspiration

i'm looking for photos of floral-themed coordinates! preferably with AP's Lady Rose or Powder Rose, but any will do

also, any recommendations for places to buy white floral lacy tights? all my searches are coming up with footless tights/leggings... i know they've got to exist out there somewhere answered, thanks
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I apologize in advance....

 Sorry to bother, but a few months ago someone organized a craft exchange; I was wondering if someone could give me the organizer's user name and please provide the link.  I'd like to get in touch with her.  I've already tried a search, and while it did come up with a craft exchange it was not the one I participated in. Thanks. ^ ^

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Shakespeare prints in lolita?

Hi guys.
I don't post on EGL very often but I wanted to ask if there are many Shakespeare themed printed items in lolita? I have to say, I was never big on the fairy tales even as a little girl, and always had a preference towards Shakespearean literature instead. I saw a Romeo and Juliet Atelier Perriot skirt on the sales comm, and wondered if other such beautys existed for the more classically inclined lolita =)

All help appreciated ^-^;
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Epic stockpic request

I'm verry sorry! >.<

I search pics of the following items:

All Angelic Pretty:
Sugary Carnival Op, headbow and socks in black
Melty Chocolate Op in black-pink
Magical Etoile Op and socks in black
Starry night theater Op, headbow and marionette socks in black

Lolita Baby Angel Shoes?

I'm a bit of a lurker, this is my first post so I hope this is an appropriate question for this community :). I'm really in need of a couple pairs of good basic lolita shoes and I'm having a hard time finding a good pair that is also flat (0-1 inch heel).
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Pinstripe skirts?

So, I just bought this vest which is pinstripe, and features a rounded collar and rounded buttons and I think it would work really well with a Classic/Gothic Lolita look. But I've never seen pinstripe in Lolita wear! Has anyone else? I've seen black and white stripes, but I'm more interested in the kind of pinstripe you'd see in suiting. I realize I could have something commissioned, but eh, I figured I would ask around to see if anything was currently available. Help a sister out? :)