June 23rd, 2010


Some random Tokyo snaps

Just came back from a short trip to Tokyo over the weekend and thought I'll share some of the loli-related (and some not so loli-related) photos I took =)

It was the beginning of the summer sale season so some of the brands already had sale items up. Angelic Pretty also had lucky packs for sale on the weekend I was there so I got one for fun since I never bought a LP before!

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Parasols: does color matter?

I live in southern Arizona where it gets tremendously hot in the summer and am considering purchasing a parasol to help shade me when I go out. But I'm wondering if the color of the parasol would have any effect on it's... well, effectiveness.  Would a darker parasol shade better? Or would it just attract and radiate more heat?  I think I would prefer a white one over black, but I'm worried the shade won't be as good?

Thank you.

Thank you everyone for responding. So what I think I'm getting from this is that black is marginally better than white, but really it's the material that matters most. I'd love to spend the money to invest in something really good, but I don't really have the money to do so. I guess I'll get something cheaper for now like from bodyline or amazon, and then save up to invest in something better for the future.
BiiCat Loli

Lolita Idols

While I've only just started wearing lolita myself, I've been following the fashion off and on since I was about 12 or 13. (So, six or seven years?) So, I do have a lot of the "traditional" lolita idols like Mana and Alice, so I'm going to list my more unorthodox ones. :3 (The two seem a bit
bipolar design-wise, but come from distinctly different parts of my life.)

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high waist skirts vs boobies

I need to make a skirt, and fast, I need it for saterday.
I wanted to make a high waist skirt, but someone mentioned that it makes your front look even more bigger.
Mine aren't huge, but they aint small either... And I do not want to look like some blowup doll or something

Who has high waist skirts, and how does it look?
Does it makes you look extra big. Pictures are welcome
edit: I mean pictures of wearing high waist skirts, not pictures of your chest area xD

ps. sorry about the boobie talk

edit: thanks everyone for responding. I tried on the (white) cutsew i wanted to wear with it, and even without a high waist skirt, their were like DAMN HUGE.
so no underbust sailor skirt for me *sign*

Problems with Rakuten?

Hey guys,
I've been trying to order some things off Rakuten, via the international order form, this guide and I make it to about the address form it self, (filling it out correctly, in english, like it says to in the guide) but when ever I go to the next step an error message pops up telling me to write my name in Katakana (which I then do) but it continues to give me the same error message.

I'm pretty confused, and a bit annoyed so does anyone have a solution/have this problem?