June 22nd, 2010



I just want to know what you guys think this Meta Skirt and matching Head Bow would go for and what is it actually called?  I bought it when it first came out (at midnight and everything) and I've never even worn it. I think I tried it on for like..a minute and said "no." I think it's called the Candy House print or something in mint, but I'm not sure.

All and any assistance would be appreciated!
Thank youuu~!

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Time brand goes on sale

I'm terribly sorry if this has been answered before elsewhere, but I looked through the memories and about 10 pages of search results and couldn't find anything.

What time (in Japanese time please) do lucky packs go on sale online? (I'm specifically interested in the Meta and Baby lucky packs)

And whilst I'm here, is there a specific time of day when items generally get uploaded onto the websites (all brands)?

Thank you ^^

so, has anyone found any really great stuff on etsy?

I'm a self proclaimed etsy freak. I LOVE it. I've been stumbling across some very lolita items lately, I'll share a few, and I'd like you to share ones you've bought or found. Click on the pictures to go to the link. I am aware there is a multitude of very lolita/ loliable items out there, including jewelry and whatnot, and stuff for those with a decora sweet tooth, so rather than posting every last one, let's make room for the more extraordinary, hmm?
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Sorry to the people who are sick of seeing theme posts! Hang tight, the month is over in a week or so~! xD

Music is my life. So to liven things up a bit, most of my idols are going to be the more lolita musical inspiration with a link to their music too.
So maybe you'll be introduced to a musician you will like too! ♥

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Closet Child

 Hello everyone!

I just wanted to let everyone know that this is now Closet Child's livejournal, and you can read a small FAQ on our profile and post any inquiries, comments, or suggestions on our inquiries entry.

Please do NOT mail inquiries, etc. to itsumademou's personal journal.

Thank you!

Navy blue lolita?

So, my school's choir has a dress code for concerts, which requires anybody in the women's choir (that's me xD) to wear a navy-blue dress. The dress can be pretty much any style as long as it's not to revealing and as long as it is mostly solid navy blue, so I was thinking, why not wear lolita? I've looked around a few websites for such a thing, but came up empty-handed. So, I was wondering, do any of you know if any brand has ever made a plain navy blue lolita dress? If so, do you have pics? I very much appreciate any help! :D
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Norwegian Lolitas?

I'm going to be in Oslo from August 19th through the 23rd for the final Gåte concert at the Opera House, and I would love to meet any local lolitas while I'm there. Also, if anyone can recommend any good lolita or mori style stores in the city, I would appreciate it.

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so this might sound like an ita question?

Ok while browing Bodyline I came across this super cheap skirt http://bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp?id=2317&pageNumber=1&pageStop=stop_25&noSubType=N (ignore the hideous clip on top thingy she's wearing)

Now while I realize this skirt looks more like cosplay than lolita, I was wondering. is there anyway to make it LOOK lolita?