June 21st, 2010

looking for a mentor

My name is Maleshia, but you can call me Malli
I'm 20 and rather new to lolita. I was just wondering if there was anyone who was interested in being a mentor. I have dabbled in loli but nothing better than italoli.
So I'm trying for a fresh new start. I'm looking for someone in Canada(Toronto) but that's only so that i can return your kindness with yummy cake goodness (what i lac in loli ability, I make up with my confectionist skills) but it's not that important as long as you can help me.

thank you in advance and i hope to hear from some of you soon


*Edit: If you would like to mentor me, please feel free to add me on msn at:
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This is a bit in advance...

I hope it's alright to post this here, but I'm planning on going to Japan in October-ish (will get exact dates when I can) while my dad is in New York.

I was wondering if there were any Tokyo lolitas that had extra space for me to crash on for a week? (and maybe go shopping together, restaurants, etc. If not that's fine too, I have friends in Tokyo).

I can pay you for homestay and I'll buy my own food, I'm not a mooch, haha.

Or, if you are a lolita from abroad who is going to Tokyo in October and would like a lolita in their room with them to split costs and giggle over frills, that's awesome too!

I am also heading to Osaka after that week and if previous plans fall through... any Osaka lolitas? hahaha.

If this is against the rules... my bad?

Thanks for reading this!

Lolita Sleepover Ideas

Hello, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this here, but I'll give it a shot :)

I want to host a Lolita Slumber Party/ Sleepover type thing, and I want it to be very enjoyable, and very lolita as well, yet I am stuck for ideas :/

If you were to attend something like this, what would you expect?

Cakes? Sewing Projects? Movies?

Feel free to leave comments and give me your opinions, I would be very grateful ^^

Lolita Pen Pals *official* Post!

 I am currently in the process of matching people up. Stay tuned.

Also, because of the great demand for overseas penpals from American lolitas, some of you will not get overseas penpals. Not because I don't like you but because there are only so many Asian/European/Aussie girls to go around.
Matches so far:

(im gradually PMing all of you!) 'OK' means youve both been PM'd

Blondedebates and Princessng ok

Lemychan and sachikou

Darkstoryqueen and amidnightstroll

Moi_10_mois and mrs_plinks ok

Princessediana charmmy loli ok

Novacaincosplay  and  yokokudo ok

Kawaiinekochick and noetma ok

AsylumPrince, sailorgraphics ok

Feeding_robots and Tsuki_ciel ok

Dragonamyrilin and kittyone1987

Redtonic and ms_katje

Tyvani akiko_5

SMN_lolita and Bridgie_baby


friezaess and garnetfaerie

Sachikou and malicemizer_luv

lady_of_coffins and aikazi

little_maru and karrotcake

evedestroys and Lolili

Music_Bando09 and asa_chan

Andrewperson and violetlunchell
xkiddie and nerifes

Lolitaforever and Cakealamode

Milkteamilk and cutechemist

Missmasyumaro and lemychan

Plushifiedbunny and otaku_aiko
sleekskeleton and cuntmouth

Tempura molly and xichigojam



missmasyumaro and merrinette

xxthe_girlxx and midwest_loli

jiltedcoquette and deadtree


Toriberry and bleedingxpaints

Monchdroof and miuri_kun

Huffie_puffie and cerulean_eye

Felysion and loominara

Kodachi148 aand tsu_

Stockingshock and Rabbit777

LolliVeroow and marorii

balloon_boom and lolitaluv2

loligirlbecca and zannid

Milkteamilk and fishiesg0pook

Lovelyparasite and angiebearr

Bloodedilhya and st_jemmy

Snowtenshi and ongaku_chan


hikaru93 and thewandererchan

Angelofdeath275 and himonin

Loochester   and Enitsyrhc

Larkir Sniple

malicemizer_luv and NeoYume

burnt_tuna and Meveny

x_quotethis_x Kurenekochic


missmasyumaro and merrinette

xxthe_girlxx and midwest_loli

jiltedcoquette and deadtree


Toriberry and bleedingxpaints

Monchdroof and miuri_kun

Huffie_puffie and cerulean_eye

Felysion and loominara

Kodachi148 aand tsu_

Stockingshock and Rabbit777

LolliVeroow and marorii

balloon_boom and lolitaluv2

loligirlbecca and zannid

Milkteamilk and fishiesg0pook

Lovelyparasite and angiebearr

Bloodedilhya and st_jemmy

Snowtenshi and ongaku_chan


starlissbliss and bemused_dreamer

firetigersoul and Esperella

xsgtpepperx and shipchan

Lethean_Reverie and azndragonkeeper

therrymonk13 and allycat_aria

goldensnitch01 and insanericeball

EDIT 6/28
As it says at the top this post is CLOSED. if you want to get a penpal you will have to search around by yourself because i've already matched all these people up. sorry .....

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Bodyline Colors FTL

BODYLIIINEEEE~ *fist shake*

I mistakenly thought a second Bodyline order was a good idea, soooo I ordered this rose JSK in sax thinking it would be pink roses on sax blue like in this collared rose JSK. (I didn't order the latter because I didn't want that collar!) Well, I shouldn't have assumed what it'd be since there weren't color swatches-- it's actually dark blue roses on cream. Not at all my style.

While I'm at it, the colors on this cherry JSK in pink are very unlike the picture. (Why, photographer, why?) The frilly parts of the sleeves and the bottom hem are indeed a soft pink, but the main body is much darker and salmony. You can only vaguely get a hint of that color from the bad photos. The hearts, by the way, are not white-- they're a light sax blue. It's not so bad that I hate it, but not what I expected. Actually, no, the more I look at it, the more I can't really stand how the pinks are such different shades. I'm very particular about how things match :( (ETA: I wonder if it'd be possible to tone down the pink lace with tea dyeing to better match the base of the dress? I don't think I could sweeten up the salmon to match the sweet pink, so I can probably only match the other way around.)

Anyway, since they wonderfully take no returns, I'll have to figure out something else with the blue roses of non-pink doom. Just wanted to give everyone else a heads-up on that! If the thunderstorms clear and I get enough light, I'll hold the bag up to the webcam to let y'all see what that print is like.

ETA: Look in the comments to see that they actually do have a picture of the sax blue roses... on the Japanese site only, not the English site. How hard would it be for them to put the pictures on both? So, FYI for the future, remember to check both sites to confirm when they don't have swatches of other colorways.

For those interested in seeing, here's a couple links to the print with my webcam, but I do have someone who's looking to buy it so this is for y'all's BL-purchasing reference rather than from me.


I've been oogling a couple of R-Series items on QutieLand(Specificly this and this) but I was wondering if anyone knew of a website that has a larger selection of R-Series items that ships to the US, as when I went to the R-Series main site I had a squee fest even though I couldn't read it >.

guro picture post

A while ago I went with a two photographers and a model to a Beelitz, in germany for a weekend of photoshoots.
One of these was a guro shoot.
I made the dress myself, and all the bloody stuff on it too.
please tell me what you think about it!

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Lolita Blog List

I thought it would be nice to have one big list of lolita blogs, since finding them can sometimes be tricky, so I put this together! It's in alphabetical order by language, and some blogs are in two categories if they translate their posts or write in two languages fairly frequently. If there are any blogs that I'm missing, totally let me know! I think I have a pretty comprehensive amount of English and Official Shop blogs, but other languages were a bit harder to find. Also, I listed Japanese blogs by username, because I couldn't really figure out a better way to do it. If any of them are models or famous lolitas that someone could put a name to, I'd be happy to add it.
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Lolita Mafia

Hello all! I've had a thought for the last couple of days and I need community opinion on the matter. I was thinking of making sets of cards for Mafia for sale, of course, lolified. Since the community is the primary audience, I'd love to know opinions - would you buy such a set (I'm thinking 15 fullcolor matt main cards and 5 extra roles) and for how much? Would you like the game to be classic pieces - mafia, civilians, etc. Or you'd like it lolified "to the core"?

Anime Expo 2010, here we come!

With just 10 days away from Anime Expo the largest anime convention in California. We're excited to announce that we will be a participating exhibitor at Anime Expo 2010!

But that's not all! For the first time, our friends Harajuku Hearts had join forces with StarryCandyBox! Together we have the most comprehensive labels, and collections available at one place outside of Japan! Angelic Pretty , Metamorphose, Putumayo, Maxicimam, Atelier Pierrot, Chantilly, and Listen Flavor. We will also be carrying Kokusyoku Sumire's latest products.
Goth, Sweet , Punk, we have something for everyone!

YES - New products are here! YES - We now accept credit cards directly!
"But Milky Planet..?" Possible, depends on the EMS fairy.

Look for the big pink seashell riser sign of StarryCandyBox!
Our booth span between location 338 and 438.

See you there!

Bodyline Winter Coat Question

 I saw this coat on Bodyline:


It goes for $50, which is dirt cheap even for bodyline. Usually they're like $100. Maybe it's the fact that it's summer and they're trying to get rid of their coats? Or do you think there might be something genuinely wrong with it and that's why it's going so cheap? It's kind of weird to see a normally expensive garment, even in offbrand standards, going for $50.

Thankyou <3

Yet another Bodyline review

I've been into lolita for a few years now, but never had enough gumption or desire to order anything from Bodyline -- that is until I saw their cute little Alice-In-Wonderland themes skirt. It's adorable. I'm not even sure if it's a knock-off of anything. I'm assuming it is, but I have yet to stumble upon the original anywhere. Regardless, I debated about ordering from them for weeks...literally. I finally caved in though, and here are the results.

I actually ordered a lot more than just the Alice skirt. I figured if the shipping was 20 bucks I wanted to get my moneys worth. The following is a review I did for my 1st Bodyline order. I hope this helps out others who may be skeptical about ordering from them.

This is copied from my website. You can see the original post here 

...and Hopefully this LJ cut works. ^_^'' If not please let me know. My LJ skills are a little rusty.

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