June 20th, 2010

Lolita Sororities?

I wanted to know what was the opinion of a lolita sorority was? As I was wasting spending time on Tumblr, I came across the link to a site of Japanese classical lolitas who had started a sorority. In said sorority, application to become a member is necessary and regular meetings are held. I had  thought of this sort of idea when wondering why weren't there lolita circles as there are gyaru circles. Imagine a group of lolitas, who require membership to their circle, have rules of manners and behavior in the group, hold regular meetings with each other, keep a website/blog dedicated to their outings and activities and host events open to the lolita community. I think it would be nice. Much like a sorority the members would be more than friends, perhaps opening the opportunities to help each other with outfits, organizing big trips, forming tight friendships similar to the gyaru circles that have formed in japan and america. Or do you think that this would become another way for lolitas to exclude people and build rivalries with each other? 
I honestly would love to be in a sorority, if it were entirely made of lolitas. Alpha Sugary Phi? Delta Delta Moitie? 
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theme post! idols

Hey EGL, I thought I do a little theme post about some people style that inspires me. None of them are lolita, but they are still pretty awesome
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Mary Pickford
I have never seen any of her movies, though i do have some waiting on my netflix list. I would love to see some lolitas with Pickford curls.

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letters--en français?

 Okay, if this isn't allowed, I'm sorry ^ ^;; I would've posted this in the lolita pen pals comm, but it seems to have been deserted for a while....

I was talking to my mom the other day about having a pen pal over the summer to practice my French with--and I thought, why not make it a fellow lolita, or lover of all things victorian and fairytale? 

So if anyone is interested in having a pen pal (also, there would be baked goods sent, most likely, as I am a baking fiend), please please please e-mail me at the e-mail below, or comment.. Ideally, I would like to correspond with a 16-18 year old girl who is able to write at least some conversational French--not all would be French, I promise!--and who is interested in the same things I am: lolita, victorian times, baking, sewing, music, art, etc. If you would like to know more about me, ask me in an e-mail and I will gladly converse with you. :) My e-mail is musicalneko@triad.rr.com. Thank you so much in advance!
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Lolita Pen Pals ! Who wants to?

A few posts down a girl is looking for a lolita pen pal. I think others might be interested in this idea. Letters mostly, occasionally send a small trinket or something. Pen pals could be located in the same state or another country.
Who thinks this is a good idea? And maybe we can compile a posting for those looking for a pen pal or something> or maybe there is an offshoot community about this?
sorry to post twice in a night...its the weekend...