June 18th, 2010

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American indie review: Poison Sugar

Hello, hello! I'm reviewing the shop Poison Sugar (InsideGenius on Etsy). I ordered three skirts-- one as-is; one with the same design but sized down for me; and one with the same fabric as an existing design, but redesigned to better suit my style. Details about commissioning are in her shop policies.

Communication: 5/5
From the start, we communicated often and very smoothly. She was fun to have conversations with, and we had a mutual understanding that since we both had back-to-back weekend trips, there wasn't a rush to get the two commissioned skirts done. She took progress photos for me of the skirt she was sizing for me, and with the new design, she sent me sketches to give comments on, photos of lace options, and then the finished skirt to confirm that I was happy with it. Great to work with her!

Shipping: 5/5
I paid late Monday night, she shipped Tuesday, and they arrived this morning (Thursday). Shipping was priority and in a very sturdy box, with the skirts also wrapped in bags to further protect them. I very much appreciate that touch with Florida's frequent thunderstorms! They also shipped in with a personal letter and surprises to coordinate with one of the skirts.

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Overall: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
The skirts are fantastic and comfy-- and machine washable, even! (Gentle cycle of course) I would absolutely order from InsideGenius again, and look forward to someday doing that. She has some more whimsical designs as well that aren't my personal style, but that I'm sure would find great homes in the community. Highly recommended!
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Question I would like to pose on the topic of undergarment materials.

     I've mentioned this in several places (most notably my journal) but I plan on starting an online shop for Lolita (and eventually steam punk) clothing, and my main focus is making things that are nice, but fairly inexpensive. I'm starting with items like petticoats and bloomers, and they will most likely be priced for $25-$35 USD, plus shipping. The garments will be custom sized, well constructed, and any lace/trim used will be of good quality. This is my question though: For this price range, plus custom sizing, (petticoat tulle for petticoats,) good construction, and nice lace or trim (if applicable), would you be okay if the base cloth (the skirt the tulle is attached to for a petticoat, or the main part of the bloomers) is a poly/cotton blend?

     I know this is generally a no-no in the lolita world, but as it would be an undergarment, and not something that would normally seen by people, I was wondering if it is something that my fellow lolitas could accept. If I get overwhelming no's, then I do have a back up plan, but I thought I would ask this first.  (and I'm posting this on other lolita communities to try to get a variety of opinions, not to troll!)

Lolitas in the Coeur d' Alene/Spokane, Idaho area?

Hello! I was wondering if there were any Lolitas in the Spokane/Coeur d' Alene area of Idaho. That would be amazing! I've went out in Lolita before, but no one yet has recognized the fashion. In addition to wondering if I'm the only Lolita here, I'm asking this for future reference in case the Lolitas in this area would like to do a group order in the future. If there are Lolitas here, then we could also have a meet-up sometime. (:

So, Lolitas in Spokane or Coeur d' Alene, are you there?
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Baby paris shop costs?

Hello everyone!~  I'm going to be in Paris from July 11th to the 14th and of course, I have to go visit the baby shop!~ I am planning on getting my first brand print from there, but I just wanted to know how the pricing is in comparison to the prices on the online shop?

I want to get  the Very Berry Sweet Pie OP in brown and ivory and it's 250 euros (309 USD) before shipping and taxes and stuff.

Does anyone who has been to the paris shop or lives near there know how much more it will be so that I know how much to save for it?


Advice needed!

Good afternoon, ladies!
I'm writing here to ask you for an advice.
I've ordered Love Nadia printed Bodyline skirt in gray, but my monitor shown it darker than it is, so when it finally arrived i received a very light blue skirt instead of dark gray. I have no idea what to wear with it, but i loved the color so much, that i don't want to sell it right now. So... Could you please help me to find clothes to coordinate with this skirt? I guess, brown tea party shoes and IW strap-like OTKs will work, but what to do with top?.. So thank you!^^
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I was wondering if Celga is still a trustworthy shopping service to use? If not, what should I go with? I only have paypal, I'  too young to own a credit card in this country (you have to be 19).