June 17th, 2010


hellolace: Information / Lolita Items Database / Inspiration Gallery

Hello! I'd like to present a project I've been working on since last year: hellolace. Some of you may have been aware of this, as I have been contacting quite a few people for submissions. The initial idea was to make a more updated and less opinionated resource for lolita information, then I decided to make a lolita items database that everyone could benefit from. Lastly, I thought it'd be nice to have a gallery of beautiful inspirational lolitas and other things. While Daily Lolita works as such, Livejournal isn't the most organized place.

Right now it's in beta, meaning it's unfinished but viewable. Many pages are already written, but need some touchups before I post them. I've decided to post this now, as with the appearance of the amazing girls of Lolibrary, I didn't want my months of work put to waste. The girls at Lolibrary are of course welcome to take part of the information and images I post as well.

I've tried to write a more objective view of lolita fashion, which may not be everyone's cup of tea. Styles are referred to by their Japanese names, and the "guides" are just overviews of each style and its contents. The style overviews will include more rare substyles, such as Pirate Lolita, Fairy Lolita, Deco Lolita, etc. The information written also differs between the Western and Asian versions of lolita fashion at certain points.

This part of the site is very incomplete at this point, and a lot is to be added shortly.

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Taobaonow and Taobaobuying

As buying from taobao lolita shops becomes more popular, shopping services becomes a big question for the potential buyer. I just want to help by contributing my experience with two taobao shopping services, Taobaonow and taobaobuying. This is not a competitive review, simply a compare/contrast of their services and structure.

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Just as a quick shameless plug, this review (plus upcoming reviews of what I received from Kidsyoyo, Dollscrops, Momo&Jia shop, and IW replica violin bag)and other musings on lolita prints, news, happenings, and baked goods are on my lolita blog, http://fuwafuwaru.blogspot.com Thanks!
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Savannah Lolitas


I'm a SCAD student who just happens to also be a lolita. I know there are quite a few Lolitas in Savannah, Georgia. I just wanna know how many of us are actually out there.

This also includes anyone in Chatham county or SCAD lolitas who arent from Savannah and might just go to College there.(Cause' I'm actually from the Bahamas xD)

problem with Angelic

Hello! I need an advise.
3 June I made an order in Angelic Pretty online store. I got a message from them and paid for items by paypal. But I forgot to add information - order number and my name. I contacted Angelic by Contact board, but didn't receive any answer. The status of my messages - During processing.
Don't you know how could I contacted Angelic? It's almost 2 weeks passed since I pay.
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Lolita Roundtable Discussion at GarasuNoShiCon/GlassCityCon in Perrysburg Ohio

Will anyone be attending GarasuNoShiCon (Glass City Con) (http://www.glasscitycon.com/) at Owens Community College in Perrysburg, Ohio on July 17 & 18, 2010? Admission is free and open to everyone!

I'm running a Lolita Roundtable Discussion on Saturday at 7:00 PM (although site currently still says 9:00 PM, but that's incorrect). I'd love to meet all the local Lolita!

It'll be a guided open discussion about Lolita Fashion and Lifestyle. Topics include, but are not limited to: styles of Lolita fashion, where to shop for clothing and accessories, where to find patterns to make your own clothing and accessories, ideas for Lolita events such as tea parties and sewing circles, online communities and local clubs or groups, helpful books and other resources, examples of Lolita in anime and manga.

If I have access to a projector, I will be showing a short presentation of various styles (and styles that are confused with Lolita). Also, there will be a sign up for anyone who would like a list of resources mentioned in the presentation (since sending it via e-mail is more cost-effective than printing out things...and better for the environment too!) Also, there will be a local Lolita group starting that will be having sewing/crafting circles, tea parties and other events, etc. There will be a sign up for that as well for anyone who wants contacted about such events.
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Columbia, MO Meet-up

Another one of our beloved St. Louis lolitas, valkyrie_chan , is leaving us for greener pastures.  So we decided to have an impromptu meetup in Columbia!

Val and I drove over to Columbia Saturday afternoon, where ertesaffy had a surprise for all of us!  She took us to Treasure Hill, a mom 'n' pop shop that specializes in dollhouses and  miniatures!

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QUESTION TIME!  Are there any lolis out there who dabble in the art of miniatures?  My interest is piqued now and I'd love to see pics!
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Gothic lolita summer picknick 3 july, Utrecht, THE NETHERLANDS

It is time for the annual Dutch lolita forum picnic.
This year we decided it would be fun to also invite non-members.

So put on your pretty lolita clothing's and join us for a nice day!
Please make sure to be on time!

Meeting time: 11:45 - 12:00
Meeting location: Utrecht Central Station, in front of the blue time table sign.

Around 12:00 we leave to the picnic location.

Be aware that you will need a bus card or money to buy a ticket to get on the location!

It is common to bring your own drinks and something to eat/sweets for more people!

Hope to see you then!!


Meet tijd: 11:45 - 12:00
Meet plek: Utrecht CS voor het blauwe vertrektijden bord

Het is weer tijd voor de jaarlijkse meeting van het lolita forum.
Dit jaar leek het ons leuk om ook niet leden uit te nodigen!

Dus trek je mooiste lolita kleding aan en kom naar de meeting
voor een gezellige dag! Wees wel op tijd!

Rond 12 uur vertrekken we naar de locatie.

Houd er rekening mee dat je een buskaart nodig hebt
of geld om in de bus een kaartje te kopen.

Het is gebruikelijk dat iedereen zijn eigen drinken mee neemt,
en iets te snoepen/eten voor meerdere mensen!

Hopelijk tot dan!!