June 16th, 2010

Wedding lolita

I've started attending fashion school last week. Slim's have a nice catalog of vintage fashion magazines. Most of them are as old as 50 years. I've bumped into some wedding themed magazine that is released some time in the 70's and thought of taking a picture of every page that catches my fancy. Of course every pic is ideal for the lolita aesthetic.


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Dark Fang

size question(I know its getting old)

So I finally decided bodyline is what I can afford for my first Lolita and I'm looking through the dresses and what not and though its a two piece I've settled on this little pretty.


I'm looking at the measurements and my friend on here has ordered from bodyline numerous time and said bust wise its find but big everywhere else. I have a 36 inch bust may be a little more but its within the realm of medium size for bodyline. Waist wise natural waist wise I have about a 34 and a half close to 35 inch waist. (Yay for losing weight.)  which is where I ran into the problem seeing as the waist is only 80 cms. my high waist is about 32-33 inches so by those standards would I have to take more off my waist or does the fabric allow for a bit more room? I know these questions are annoying, and if there's anyone that's similar to my measurements help would be appreciated I fell in love with this little two piece and want it so bad.

and this is my second choice so if anyone has pictures of these being worn  that would help out a lot I know you girls are going when is she actually gonna by something by now XD Thank you again for your help  and I found out my shoe size :D 22.9cms. Might as well say 23 XP my shoe choices will be up soon as well.

Edit* ok one link fixed the second one is in the process of being worked around.

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I don't believe this has been posted (I ran a quick search), but this absolutely fantastic store is being featured on the Etsy homepage right now and while not specifically lolita, it definitely appeals to that aesthetic:

Here is the article     http://www.etsy.com/featured_seller.php?featured_user_id=5620524

Here is the store     http://www.etsy.com/shop/zaracarpenter

I am aware that the prices for the most extravagant and wonderful pieces are quite high, but her creations are fabulously inspiring and I just had to share.

This hat has already sold, but oh my goodness. Alice in Wonderland: Painting The Roses Red."

A call for artwork submissions

Just a mid-month reminder about artwork submissions for EGL. Come on guys, we need submissions! Remember, we no longer have a mascot, so your artwork can be anything lolita related. Please see this post for information on how to submit your artwork. Also, we do take suggestions for theme ideas - you can either PM me or leave a comment in this thread.


Looking for a post...

I remember that about several weeks ago (though I might be wrong. I'm terrible with keeping track of time!), someone made a post, asking what people thought of sweatshops in lolita, authentic fur in lolita, stuff like that... I don't remember what it was called and by typing different stuff in my address bar or the search function, I couldn't find it!

Does anyone have the link to it?

Thanks in advance!

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Comic-Con San Diego?

Is anyone else going to Comic-Con San Diego this year (July 22-25)? I am traveling from Iowa, and I would love to meet other lolis there.
Also, is anyone still looking for a roommate? I still don't have a hotel room, and the friend who was supposed to be going with me backed out.


Heads up the Meta LPs will be up for sale soon:

METAMORPHOSE TEMPS DE FILLE: about ordering 2010 Summer Lucky Pack

"Details of Lucky Pack will be forthcoming shortly & this time, you can purchase Lucky Pack from the shopping cart".

Wonder if they will still be putting the basic white bloomers in most of the LPs.

Here is what came in some of the Meta Winter 2009 LPs. 

Update: Here is the price list from the Summer 2009 LPs, there was an A, B & C choice
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Blueberry Tea Cupcakes

Hello there~ I'm Nicole, and I've been into lolita for about two years now. However, this will be my first post to this community. :) I love to bake, and I love tea, so I whipped up this recipe the other day to use up some of our massive blueberry harvest. Hope you enjoy it! (There's a picture below the cut.)

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Meta/Crown Label's Honey Picnic

Minutes after placing a reserve for Metamorphose's new summer print Honey Picnic, I find out that their Lucky Packs are almost(?) ready for sale! 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


But I don't regret it. Honey Picnic in my opinion is a very lovely print!  So lovely that it's my first brand purchase (other than my AP necklaces).  The dresses are a little weird fitting in my opinion, based on the photos. So I pre-ordered a skirt. What are your reactions?  Too cutesy for Meta?

Ottawa Bluefest..? xD;; It's a long shot but...

Out of curiosity, are any of you ladies going to the Ottawa Blues Fest? Or are in the area?  It looks like I am driving up there from North Carolina (16 hour drive FTW) with my boyfriend and maybe some other friends to see Stars.  My boyfriend and I are a bit on the rabid fangirl/boy side when it comes to them, I guess. *lol*

I figured it would be awesome to meetup with some other lolitas while I'm there!  We'll get there around noon on July 16 and be leaving the next day around the evening.  We've never been to Ottawa let alone Canada before so it would also be cool to have someone show us around town or maybe have a few drinks/dinner/lunch/whatever with while we're visiting.  I promise we aren't creepers!  haha
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