June 15th, 2010

kind of strange question: lolita at a burial?

I know this is a kinda strange question but I really would like to know your opinions about this topic because sadly it's something I think about very often atm...

Do you think a simple coord would be okay? Or would  it look too "overdressed"?

Has anyone of you ever worn lolita at a burial or WOULD you maybe do it?



I personally think a simple black blouse + a black skirt would be absolutely okay & I also think it slightly depends on if the person who has died liked the fashion or not.
My grandpa  liked my simple and dark lolita clothes so I thought there wouldn't be a problem with wearing it. I never thought about a crazy OTT coord just something pretty simple.
It's not like I'm planning an outfit for a meet-up or something like this but I would like to say good-bye in an outfit  that my grandpa would like to see me in...

I apologise for my bad English...

Gothic prints that are not Moitié

 Hello EGL,

I was simply curious to know how many truly gothic prints have other brands released. What I mean by that is that I don't consider sweet/classical flowery prints that just happen to have a black version to be gothic. (For example Lady Rose in black is not gothic) 

I have noticed that the only brand that is truly gothic lolita is Moi même moitié since Black peace now is more purely gothic, H Naoto is more punk and so is Putumayo. EDIT: Atelier Pierrot,Milles Noir,Miho Matsuda and Antique Beast are gothic lolita brands

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Juliette et Justine Dress

Just a quick question which I could not find in the memories: Is JeJ's crucifixion dress still available on their website for order? I didn't see it, but just wanted to make sure-it is my dream dress! If not, besides EGL Comm Sales, have any of you ladies seen it for sale elsewhere, such as Tokyo Rebel or Black Alice? Thank you!

JeJ Dress
blue skull

Gosu Rori 12 help needed

Hi all,

I've got a copy of Gosu Rori 12 and in this issue there is a page spread with some paper punches that they use to make some invitations.

Could anyone tell me the name of the paper punches they use? I'm at work at the moment trying to find them to show a workmate who is into paper craft and looking for a bit of an elegant touch.

Cleaning synthetic leather (especially Angelic Pretty bags!)

Do any of you lovely ladies and gents know how to safely clean synthetic leather?

I recently bought an Angelic Pretty that has already become quite dirty from daily use, given it's very pale mint colour. There is general discolouration on the back from wearing it with dark-coloured clothes and some faint smudges on the front. I've searched the comms without result and I'm afraid to start doing anything without some advice. Thank you so much!

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A Co-ordination query

Not that I'm trying to get others to think for me, but I've recently purchased some lovely socks at http://pics.livejournal.com/yikyu1991716/pic/00199gdw and am unsure about any possible co-ordinations for them. The only co-ords that I've come up with have been met with a general consensus of 'nice, but no stockings' etcetera and so I'm a bit stuck.

Please note, I'm a crafty loli and so am making most of my lolita wardrobe at the moment, as well as supplementing it with some offbrand pieces (burando is for later when I deserve it, a la Momoko). I have tried to make a go of this on my own and haven't done too well, hence the asking here- but I only need a general idea of what would work well with such a bold print, such as 'maybe a plain pink skirt' or 'how about a skirt with such-and-such accents to balance the bold print'. I'm not asking for a blow-by-blow co-ordination done for me!
Sorry for any rambling and/or incoherence.
Thanks in advance!
P.S My colour scheme is pink and white (and black, though that's probably irrelevant).
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Attention lolitas! Introducing... Lolibrary!

Attention lolitas!


I'd like to introduce you to the brand new lolita clothing database...Lolibrary!


What size is this JSK? What's the name of this print? What brand is this? Is the lace itchy?

Lolibrary seeks to answer these questions and more, by providing comprehensive information on every brand product available.

In just a few weeks, we have pulled together a functional database, ready for entries. The site has been designed so that you may register for an account, and begin submitting your own data!

We hope this will be a sanctuary for the history of lolita fashion, as well as an item review database; each entry will allow for comments.

If you've got X jsk from Brand Y, you can leave a comment with a picture of you wearing it, and complain that X jsk was much smaller than the site's measurements, and that the material was too thin. There's also a place for "owner's measurements" so that we can build up data on the actual sizing of products vs. what the brand said.

Content submission for anonymous and new users will be moderated in order to prevent spamming. Once you can prove yourself handy with the system, you can become a trusted user or "lolibrary contributor."

To learn more about using the system, go here:

In the meantime, we will depend on you to submit data for older items. If you've got any information, measurements, photos, features, etc. to provide for an older brand item, we desperately need you to help fulfill our mission!

Please play around with the site, let us know of any bugs, and feel free to contribute! We've set up a forum for issue reporting on the right hand menu. We hope this will be a place all lolitas can go, whether it's for those of us just getting started, those who wish to make informed buying decisions, or those on a mission to find their dream dress.
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