June 13th, 2010

Bodyline shoe sizing

Hello ladies.I read in EGL so much about the shoe sizing from bodyline, but it's very weird,because the heartbuckles shoes are very big, but that loli boots are even a little small than usually.I want to know if you know about that shoes www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/photos/shoes189-2.jpg(189) becouse I'm really need a pair of shoes and I really like them.I usually used a 24 japanese size( 38-37) euro so I don't really know what to do, becouse if they are big or small..
thank you for your help!
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chloe and reese.

So has anyone heard of them yet? I know it's pretty early to be thinking about coats ( in America, anyways), but I saw these and I thought they'd be able to fit under a petticoat. The colour range is pretty impressive. Here's the coat link, and here's the link for everything else. It's NOT cheap, but they're beautiful, and maybe a nice option for more formal attire?

Petticoat questions?

I want to buy a petticoat but i'm wondering, are there certain sizes that petticoats come in and what size would work perfectly with lolita?
also, is it comfortable sitting down with a petticoat? it wont be scratchy or anything uncomfortable?
thank you guys!

Bodyline Shoe Sizing advice on shoes 204?

Hello Ladies! I bet your all getting sick and tierd of these bodyline posts, however some advice would be lovely!  I am usually a size UK 7 however my last pair of bodyline shoes were rather big for me. So if any of you have orderd these shoes http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/frame01.asp?type=gshoes&subType=lshoes  ( shoes 204)  could you please tell me if they run true to size?
Many thanks!
sweet lolita

Long hair and Short hair and WIGS

edit **
thank you all for the comments, i've decided to do the following

leave it long for my mothers birthday and anime expo

and cut it into a bob right after and by one of those ulzanng wigs in chestnut and perhaps a blonde one.

ACTUALLY ima try maintaining it, and see if it gets luscious and healthy again. :) Then decided to cut it.

thank you all for commenting, i really appriciate it!
thanks so much for helping me out!
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Blood elf warlock

My Style Idol

Johanna Blakley, who happens to not be a designer or model, is my style idol. Her idea of taking beautiful designs from the past and making them timeless, and borrowing ideas from one another to advance fashion really inspires me. She changed my mind about replicas, "stealing", and what it really means to be trendy. I think the lolita style in particular has been shaped so much by taking trends from other fashion subcultures or historical fashion, that it's sad that lolitas condemn supposed idea theft when I think that thievery has made the style what it is.

Thoughts? Feedback? Read, look, and tell me what you think!

I decided to finally go ahead and post to EGL after a lot of thought. Everyone talks in Loli Secrets about all the hate, and I spend all the money from my full-time job paying for bills and for going to school full-time. I have a few brand items, and I have some pieces I LOVE, but I work with what I have. In order to make my outfits work, I ocassionally have to break a few of "the rules". Even so, I have so much fun when I get to dress up, and I'd like to see what everyone else thinks! So...here are 10 photos from oldest to newest and a little about each one:

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