June 12th, 2010

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Your feelings on repeating themes in lolita

We all know that there are so many prints of strawberries and candies. It's inevitable that themes repeat, but is this a bother for you as a buyer? As an artist I try to create things that are original, but it is very hard to create something and then have it automatically compared to another artist. The same goes for some of the dress designs, where people will automatically compare it to a brand name.

But I wonder if people really care about this? I mean, if someone angelic pretty puts out a print involving cookies, and then Baby does it, does it really matter to you?

Need feedback on " Flower-Lolita " (taobao shop)


This shops sells clothes totally hand made and customized, they say if you take a picture or "map" (pattern?) from other place ( a magazine, a web, a street picture) they can do it.

I want this dress http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=4151313539 in wine with two pairs of detachable sleeves one wine and the other off-white like the collar. I think it's not very difficult to understand. Yes I know the price can increase a little or a lot because I'm a XXXXXL, but I don't care because it's custom-made to MY size!!!

The seller has good feedback and a lot of transactions, has somebody buyed from here ?????
Do yo think its safe or is too good to be true

++ Buyexclusive Review


Last week I decided to finally make a purchase from Buyexclusive. I'm kinda sceptic when it comes to ordering online, because you never know what you get and whether it's official... or not... However! I really wanted contacts for so long and they had all these reviews and signed scans from GEO that it is authentic, that made me do it.

   Communication 4/5 
I paid through Paypal and wrote them an e-mail since I wasn't too sure whether it was paid or not. I got an email back in two days saying that it arrived. ^^

 Delivery 5/5  
Went super fast! They say it takes 7/14 days to get it to Canada and it's absolutely free. The contacts arrived within a week, in a small box, fully wrapped in bubble wrap and foam pieces on the inside to protect it from damaging. A big ++ if you ask me because the contacts come in glass containers.

  Will I buy there again?
Hell, yea! They're awesome and very quick with their delivery! A reliable lens-seller if you ask me + you get a free lens case, I got a blue Hello Kitty one + They lowered their prices to $19.99 per pair, that's $16.57! 

Thank you for reading ^^

A-Kon 21 - Photos and Con Report

Friday was the first day of Akon 21! Sarah/grimy13  and I drove up together from her house, and stayed at the Aloft hotel. I ended up booking the wrong hotel, since I thought that it was only a block from the convention. Turns out it was a block from the Dallas Convention Center, which is not the same thing. We were only a mile off, so it wasn't a long drive, but we did end up wasting a fair chunk of money on temporary parking at the event because of the error.

Anyway! On to the photos!

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Serious shoe problems!

I'm sorry if this is a very silly question, or if I come across terribly bratty or cheap, but I think I need some advice! ; ^ ;

I'm trying to find some shoes to match a skirt I have, I've been looking all morning at brands like An*Tai*Na and Secret Shop, and while the shoes seem to be priced very reasonably, I've added the costs of a shopping service and shipping and I just can't afford it! I can't even afford Bodyline with the shipping added! :( I would usually just save up, but I need these shoes for next month, I'm really at a loss!

Normally, being on the tight budget I am, my other option would be to immediately look on the high street for 'regular' shoes that would work, but another difficulty is that the shoes have to be sax blue, and unlike pink, black or red, it's just not a common colour for mainstream shoes.

So what I'm asking is; is there any affordable way for me to get sax blue shoes? :( Maybe if you know a retailer of knock-off brands closer to home, or if you've found sax blue shoes in a high street shop? Or even some way I can dye shoes the right colour? I'm sorry to be a bother, but I'm really desperate!

Update: Thank you everyone for being so pleasant and helpful! :) I think I'll be able to go with  Pet_chan's suggestion and do a Bodyline order with some of my friends, so my problem is effectively solved! <3

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Theme Post - Review of Bonnet Commission by ginghamcherry

So a while back, I ordered a commission through ginghamcherry  of a black bonnet. I'd been wanting one for a while, perhaps a half bonnet, and had even made a WTB post on the community sales. When she posted a few new pictures of herself in one of her handmade bonnets, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for.

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