June 11th, 2010

day man

OTT Barbietastic/SPANK! bonnet

In this post I had a picture of a half finished bonnet made out of glittery barbie prom dress fabric, well, I just now finally finished the bonnet. Actually, I finished it hours ago and I've spent most of the day decorating it. I was originally going to go for a bit more eccentric deco style, with some sweets cabochons all over it, buuuut I just didn't like the way that looked, so I went with a little more "simpler" look with a ton of roses and clusters of bows.

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Removing rust from parasol

Hi everyone,

I've recently purchased a BTSSB parasol (second hand) online, and once it arrived in the mail, I noticed that there are some rusting spots on the tip of the parasol.

Has anyone had this sort of issue happen to them before? If so, do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to remedy it (in terms of removing the rust and applying some sort of water resistant sealant to prevent rust)? I've asked a friend of mine who suggested that I use some steel wool or CLR... but I'd like to see if anyone has tried removing rust from their parasol before attempting to do so on mine.

Lolita shops in Hong Kong?

I'm in Hong Kong over the weekend, and I'm looking for lolita shops here.
Especially SHOES!
I've searched the memories, but as I'm on my iPhone in Disneyland now I might have missed it.
So... Any recommendations?
Thanks in advance!
hard at work

Color advice

I'm making a bright red JSK. It's really red. I'm planning on putting ruffles on the bottom and I don't want it to be too red. so should I do the ruffles black, white, or red?

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Tomorrow is picnic in Central Park-- despite predictions of it raining (again), the weather is turning out much better :3

So my cooking lolis~ get to it! lololo

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If you need my cell number for directions, or in case anything else happens, you can shoot me a PM :3 If you weren't gonna come last week but now you can make it/vice versa, let me know as well, so I know how many people are coming.

I'm excited to see everyone!
Hope to see you there~ ♪


I have read about wearing a longer, most likely plainer skirt under a loli skirt as a way to lengthen brand skirts for taller girls.

I would be very grateful  for pictures or tips on how to pull this off and the best ways for it to look good.