June 10th, 2010


Two Questions

I have two questions that may seem really dumb and I've searched as much as I could, considering a laggey connection to the internet today.

First question: How does one decide a "right" style for Lolita for them? Like...Angelic/Pretty, Elegant/Aristrocrat Country/Etc...?

Second question: Whenever I bring up Lolita to my mom, she always says something about not wanting me to look like a child/try to get a boys attention/or she makes reference to Nobokov's (however his name is spelt >> I'm tired) book even though I always remind her that that's not what it is and showed her dresses/skirts and pictures of Lolita, she says they're "cute" but yet again she goes back to what she previously thought. I already own one Lolita dress (I pestered her enough + my dad agreed with me...aaand I'm rambling) but ANYWAYS I need to stop rambling, how do I convince her Lolita isn't what she thinks its meant for? ("You already look like you're twelve, I don't want you looking like you're ten.")

Eh...sorry if this isn't allowed...ha ^^;
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tax and baby?

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone remembers how the tax works when ordering to the USA from babyssb's Japanese site. Do you pay the pre tax price of the post tax price? Also, does anyone know if there are any promotions for buying a certain amount right now? Thank you!

AP Milky Berry colorfast in black?

I know there is a post about the white one just two posts below me but I want to know if the black version of the Milky Berry is colofast or if does bleed too ? I was going to buy it when I saw the horror story of harlyharlekinI assume black version would be less likely bleeding because it is black, but the Baby black can bleed as much as the red can do.

Does someone know ?

QutieLand Problems

Hi, I've been having some problems with QutieLand and was wondering if a similar or the same thing has happened to anyone else:

In April I ordered this blouse:

I didn't hear from them at all after they asked my measurements, so I emailed them June, at the time I thought maybe they were just busy and really snowed under or something.

I got a reply saying that they had received the blouse but there was a problem with it and had to send it back, I felt it a bit odd that they didn't let me know, and when I asked if they had proof, maybe a photo or something they said no.

So with a friends help I opened a PayPal dispute, and magically the next day Qutieland emailed me saying that they have my item and it's ready to be shipped off, but they can't do it while the disputes open because it's against shop policies =S and that as soon as it's closed they will email me my shipping details.

I went onto PayPal and noticed that the dispute was never open (really don't understand PayPal XD) so I emailed Qutieland to tell them this, and I just haven't had a reply at all.

So what should I do? I've looked in the memories and can't find anything bad about them, so should I just wait to see if my item turns up, or ask for a refund? Or is there any other action I could take?
I got this blouse in oversize and black so it's a lot of money I really don't want to end up losing it =S
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Looking for information on a book~

 This is my first post, and though I have read the rules, I do hope this is right.
To clarify, this is not a post looking to find this item (or buy it), but if someone is selling it, don't hesitate to tell me! 

I'm not sure in what copies of the original Japanese version of The Gothic & Lolita Bible this feature was included in, but (for the English version) the first two volumes have a feature called "The Other Me Inside Myself". This is the little bit where the would have various visual-kei/J-rock artists dress as mythical creatures or something of the like (I'm sure most of you know, but just in case...also, I don't know if it's under that same name in the Japanese version). Anyway, in the English language volume two (the last time they included this feature), it said that they (I'm assuming the Japanese publisher) were going to put all the images together and come out with a hardcover book. 

If you haven't guessed, this is the book I am curious about! 

I have looked everywhere I can think of, and haven't found any leads, other than what is written in the Bible. My friend currently has my copy of volume two, so perhaps I have forgotten something else it says about the book, but I can't check to see if that's the case.

If anyone knows the name, publisher, or anything...it would be a great help! I am going to Japan in about a month, so I was hoping to get the information before I go so I can look around while I am there. If I can't find it, I was going to put in a book request with CDJapan, unless someone knows somewhere else I can get it. 

If worse comes to worse (though this isn't a bad situation, just an expensive and difficult one!), I was just going to try to find all the back issues of the Bible with this feature in them. Though I would vastly prefer owning the book! 

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I apologize if it belonged in sales or somewhere else. I hope I got it right.

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Bodyline shoe sizing?

So, I'm about to buy 3 pairs of bodyline shoes:

http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/frame01.asp?type=gshoes     #128

http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp?id=3846&pageNumber=1&pageStop=stop_14&noSubType=Y    #181

http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp?id=4594     #194

I always fit in size 8 1/2, but I've been told that bodyline's shoes are sized too big. 

So, what sizes should I be buying?

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Mr. Rococo Twitter

I hate to make another Mr.Rococo post, but I can't find the old one, after searching using the egl search, my memories, and Google separately.

But I found a twitter for it, so you can stay updated on the movie news. http://twitter.com/MISTERROCOCO
They used the tag #lolita effectively.

If this information is too paltry for a full post, feel free to delete. But I'd like to put this info in that entry before it's bahleeted.