June 9th, 2010

What Blouse to wear with neckholder JSKs??

Hey girls,

I'm currently building an outfit arround my new wonder cookie JSK and I was just wondering about what blouse to wear with a neckholder JSK.
I saw that in the Kear-Add the model was wearing one with a verry big bow but I don't like the neckholder-part to be coverd completely.

What blouses do yu wear with neckholders?
I would love to se pictures of you coordinates!

Help with thin/balding hair?

Hey everyone, I have a bit of a dilemma and I was wondering if any of you had a solution that can hopefully help a few other girls out. I've just recently gotten into lolita after years of drooling over the clothes, but I only have one problem; my hair!I always see lolitas with beautiful hair in elaborate styles or in cute bobs. But I can't really achieve that because of my trichotillomania. The whole top part of my hair is completely thinned out and just barely covered by my side-part (but I'm starting to realize that I'm just deceiving myself; it's REALLY noticeable now).

So I ask you this; How the heck do I get that adorable loli hair?!

I know that the best solution would be a wig, but I have a little issue with that. I have naturally red hair and I want to look as natural as possible. I don't want an OMG BRIGHT RED WIG. And another thing is that, since I'm only 15, all of my purchases are made through my parents. I'd be really embarrassed to tell them that I want to by a wig, it's kind of like me giving up and I'm afraid they will think it's weird. (No offense to lolis who wear wigs. Believe me, I want it!)

TL;DR: I'm going bald, what should I do?

So is there any tips you guys can suggest? Are there any of you who also deal with hair issues? Everything is so appreciated!!
(Also, first post! Woo!)

EDIT: Just wanted to let everyone know that I did let my parents know about wanting a wig and (after a bit of a "wow, what?") they said they understand and it would be a good idea. Thank you all so much!!!
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Meta's Rakuten Shop

Sorry to post again so soon! ^_^;

I just learned that Metamorphose has/had a shop on Rakuten. Do they still sell through that shop?

{Edit} Oh...I have other questions! does the Rakuten site have more in inventory than the Official site?I know about the official one and their international shipping, but they seem to sell out quickly or doesn't update as frequently.  Also, Which one do any of you find is better?

Thanks for your time! XD
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Jewelery Jelley coordinate help!!!

hey everyone!

So, I have this dress -> http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0027/9752/products/img_749_large.jpg?1275718763 and I don't usually dress in sweet lolita so I've sort of hit a wall as to what I should coordinate with this dress. I've worn in once with these shoes -> http://www.aldoshoes.com/us/women/sandals/wedges/77999895-brazinski/70 and it looks super cute, as well as a pearl choker that has a pale pink ribbon woven in and out of the pearl beads. I have no idea what to do for a head dress though or hairstyle. (Side note: My hair is rather short, just a little bit longer then chin length and is a faded red color. Hopefully I'll re-dye it this weekend! ^.^)

Thanks in advance for the help!
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Chigothloli needs your artistic help!

Hi everyone! 

So, the Chicago Gothic & Lolita community is hosting a big meet up on July 24th. The point of this meet is to meet new lolitas or those who might be interested in the fashion to come and chat/hang out with us "oldies" so that they can learn more about the fashion, etc. It's a big informal informational meet, if you will.

Because the point of the meet is to meet strangers who might not have heard of the fashion before, but have an inherent affinity to frills and bows and lace, we're thinking of making fliers and putting them up at schools or libraries to try and get more "new audience".

Here's where you artistic lolitas come in: we need you to create an image for our flier! You can get more info regarding what we need on the flier in this post on egl_comm_art 

Thanks in advance!
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Government Programs and Social Pressure Slim Down Japanese Women

I have always been under the impression that this community has many differing opinions on what type of person should wear lolita. Backlash (or positive endorsement) for ita, weeaboos, bro-lita, lesbians, faty-chans has been prevalent in secrets, arguments, and drama for years.

One of the common reasons there is so much issue over the "proper" weight to wear lolita are often the "one-size-fits-all" approach many brands take. (With the exception of BTSSB in recent years for offering multiple sizes shirts ad dresses). This often segregates the community into those that can and cannot fit into certain labels. And by proxy, this separates girls who can wear brand and who require commissions. There are of course accessories and what not, to spruce up your outfit in terms of the amount of brand (if you care about such things). But of course, the truth remains: Brand sizing limits certain people from wearing the clothing they love and in some cases, causes improper dieting, low self esteem, and eating disorders.

I recently found this article on change.org. A fantastic website everyone should read at least once a day. They cover every issue known to man, and cite sources well, for all those skeptics out there. My favorite section is "Women's Rights". This is an article they posted a few months back, but since I never saw it here, I am posting it now. I think it will be very interesting to read from a lolita standpoint, as it can influence the Japanese brands we like to wear. (Especially the waist size. Look for that measurement in the article.)

And as always: Let's keep the following discussion respectful! Collapse )Article , March 15, 2010