June 8th, 2010

Video Loli?

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Are there any games with just beautiful outfits or anything? Fairy Tale themes? Gothic Beauties? Or maybe just a character from a video game you consider Lolita? 

It could be online games, console games, computer games, anything. Just please no Lolicon games....

Some games I have found are: (Updated list)
Characters that are Loli in video games =D
  • Chidori Yoshino from Persona 3 (Suggested by lotussong )
  • Margaret Moonlight from No More Heroes 2 (Suggested by lotussong )
  • Agitha from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Suggested bypurinyappykura )
  • Unlockable Character, Ninon Heart from King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2 (Suggested by cherry_bomb88 )
  • Cornelia from Shadow Hearts: Covenant (Suggested by little_zooks )
Anybody want to add to the list? ^^ 

Edit: THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR WONDERFUL SUGGESTIONS! Don't be shy to add some, or new ones or if I forgot to mention you....
  • tsu_

more twitter...

I created a lolita twitter list for those with twitters, currently I have:

- Kira Imai
- Aoki Misao
- Chantilly
- New Alantis (indies accessory)
- Excentrique
- CC shinjuku
- CC harajuku goth
- CC harajuku lolita
- SES_sinc_ shop (h.naoto)
- SixH (h.naoto)
- hangry&angry (h.naoto)
- Alice DECO magazine
- Tokyo Decadence (event)
- Lumibre (indies parasol shop)

.... etc etc. I will keep adding to the list if I find more twitter accounts. It's pretty decent since they give real-time updates (especially for Closet Child) which are not posted on their website or blog.

You can follow the list here: http://twitter.com/milkred/lolita

*please do not add me directly but follow the list instead.

OK have fun! :D

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Cosplay Oneesan - What happened? Now correct/explain it.

We all knew this was coming. Let me first point out that this isn’t a 2nd place vendetta or even a target aimed at any specific staff or affiliates of the Cosplay Oneesan event. This is intended as a serious disscussion.

I don’t know enough about who caused the list of issues to happen but we DESERVE an explanation in the very least. I can only speak from experience so I apologize in advance if any review seems funneled to a particular group of part of the event.

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I’m sure there are more issues to bring to light but I focused on adding points I had not read in the original post. Here we can discuss openly and intelligently exactly what went wrong with whom and where the future of this organization should be headed.
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Camden Town EGL Review

The Angel Pretty store in Camden Town was quite disappointing. Optimistic, I entered the store expecting at least to find some nice accessories. To my horror, the first dress I found was made of poorly stitched and shiny material. It was dreadful! I whipped out my camera to document it for you, but the woman at the counter shouted at me. :/ It was really awkward.

The store was no more than a hole in the wall, so the accessories were all piled in together. It was a perfect of group appeal, when items look good all together, but crappy when they're alone. Some of the jewelry was okay... Most wasn't. I couldn't find a thing worth buying. The brands, or the pieces that had tags at least, were generic at best, and the atmosphere was that of a cheap costume shop.

Finally, I found a pink jumper skirt and a white blouse to go under it. I tried it on, but it fit everywhere but my chest. English clothes seem to be made for less busty girls than I. I don't think I'll ever think of myself as flat chested again. I modeled it in front of the mirror, thinking of perhaps using one of my own blouses, when, to my horror, I noticed the trim. You probably guessed it; Synthetic lace. Mortified, I dashed back into the shoddy changing stall and removed the offending garment.

All things considered, I wouldn't give Angel Pretty more than a one out of five. The quality of the lolita pieces was costume at best, extremely overpriced, and not very pretty to begin with. There were some less dreadul rock-a-billy and gothic pieces, however, such as cameo necklaces and rings. To conclude my review, I would say that it is a good place to shop for some jewelry or other things, but that it fails miserably at being lolita.

Closet Child

 Hello egl!

I was recently hired by Closet Child in Shinjuku, and we have a few questions to ask egl.

First off, if you've ever ordered from the Closet Child website using the order form, was it difficult to understand? Did you look at the international orders explanation? Was the entire process smooth, and if not, what was problematic?

Secondly, is there anything that you would like to know about the company, items, etc. that isn't written in English on the website? I realize there isn't much in English, but what would you guys like to know?

Third, if Closet Child were to upload items on eBay, would you be more inclined to buy them?

Last of course, any suggestions for us regarding foreign sales, etc. please let me know!

Thank you very much.

Fayetteville, Arkansas Rollerderby Lolita Meet-up

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Hello there lovelies! I made a post awhile back asking if there were any Arkansas lolita's who would be interested in doing a meet up with me, a northcarolinian who is visiting the state for the summer. A few girls responded so I am posting an actual meet-up idea to see if those girls and maybe a few others would be interested. Details are under the cut.

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IW Pink

Photo Post: the Lolita day in Sweden (Stockholm)

Sorry about the late post I had some problems and not enough time to post this until now but now I shall not be more off topic!

In celebration of the International Lolita day we lolitas in stockholm decided to go to a place called Skansen where you can pet animals and walk around in historical enviroments and be super swedish lol

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June Theme

One of the biggest fashion influence for me is Tamura Yukari. The first time I watched her on Youtube I was taken away by her cuteness and the fact that she was always smiling and seemed happy. I admire the way she evolved from sweet to casual and still pull off the look so well when she's 34. I aspire to be like her when I'm in my thirties. Not restricted by what society tells me I should be wearing, but wearing what I really like.

I admire Victoria Suzanne from Lolita charm and Miss Lumpy. Victoria Suzanne makes pink hair look normaI (I'm not saying pink hair should be abnormal but I always thought it would stand out in a weird way, but seeing her made me change my mind) Her posts are always fun and it's refreshing to see a blogger speak their mind without offending people.  I love the way Miss Lumpy mixes and maches pieces from different brand so that they seem like an entirely different outfit. One of my favorite co ordinate of her is the one where shes wearing the red bodyline skirt with a brown belt. I must admit, I've occasionally immitated her co-ords : )

Last but not least is Princess Skye. Her posts were inspirational, and reminded me of the things that I have been taught since I was young, such as being kind to others. Her poses in photoshoots were also beautiful and I always got the impression of her being a calm and sensitive person. I'm normally very emotional and lose my temper easily so I look up to people who are calm.