June 7th, 2010

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Just a heads' up for lolitas on twitter, you can now follow some of the major brands/shops and get immediate updates on latest stock:

Closet Child harajuku lolita: http://twitter.com/cch_lolita
Closet Child harajuku goth/punk: http://twitter.com/CCHGOTHPUNK
Excentrique Ltd: http://twitter.com/excentriqueLtd

I think twitter is picking up really quickly as a trend in Japan (especially after Uniqlo did their campaign through twitter) so I guess we can expect more of them to join twitter :D
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Completely random question today...I was just lusting over AP's milky berry OP, when I noticed the ties that are attached on each side of the neckline, cross in the front, and are tied at the back of the neck. I wasn't really surprised since many lolita OPs with square or rounded necklines (as opposed to high collars) have these ties.

Just have a look through AP's Onepiece category: http://www.angelicpretty.com/shopping/item/op/index.htm and you'll notice that many dresses have them. But AP aren't the only ones to use this design detail, I have a couple of Baby dresses that have them as well.
Now, I can't think of any purpose they could have aside from looking pretty and adding a visual point of interest to an otherwise bare neckline, but it still seems like a rather random detailing.
Where does this "tradition" come from? I can't think of any historical garment that featured these ties (but then I'm no expert on the history of fashion!), so what's the inspiration for this? Pintucks, puffed sleeves, pleats, etc are frequent in lolita and nothing new in the world of fashion as a whole, but this just seems like it comes outta nowhere. Is it a japanese thing? Anyone know more?

Yeah, this post is kinda pointless, I'm just bored and curious :p
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Forever 21 Cuteness

Is it just me or has Forever 21 been a lot cuter lately? Not all of it is cute in a sweets kinda way, my goth girl side likes a lot of it too. I wore this today and got tons of compliments:  Bow with Veil Headband

Some other stuff I noticed:
Bunny Tote & Teddy Tote

Bow Clips  & Mini Bow Headband

Berry Sweet Earrings & Teddy Bear Necklace

Those are just a few, I really like the hair accessories they have right now (lots of bows, pretty florals, and feathers) and thought I'd share.


Gothic & Lolita Psycho Trailer

I searched and saw that this movie was mentioned before, but that there was no follow up on the trailer release. For any lolis into campy, OTT gore flicks, I think it's looking shockingly good. Also, I want this parasol.

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The clothes are more visual-kei in that it's a leather dress, but given that she's doing serious melee and fire fights, I'll give them the artistic license excuse. Besides, it's the visual effects guy from Machine Girl. I personally find that that balances it out.

Theme Post-- Almost.

The theme involves 'idols,' and at the moment I don't have any affecting my style.  My inspiration does come from people, however-- obnoxious anime nerds who don't speak Japanese.  When an American says "kawaii," they don't fully
pronounce the a or double-i sound, and it comes out more like kowai, which means scary.  My style blends kawaii with kowai, girly barettes with black jackets like this one (I'm the second from the left).  While I don't wear lolita all that much(yet), my clothes have a mild lolita influence, like the lace that the photo doesn't really show on that jacket. 
So, I am influenced by people, but I don't idolize anyone fashion-wise, nor do I wear bonnets.

Wy idol is my cousin Karl Taro Greenfeld, who was once the editor of Time Asia and has written a few books on the subcultures, underworld, and corruption of Asia, particularly Japan and China.

Candy Violet Marie Antoinette Dress?

Ok I feel a little crazy here; I could have sworn there was a post in EGL by Candy Violet talking about the clothes they had at the Fantaisies dans le Monde des Reves event, but now I cannot find it for the life of me. I'm wondering about the white gown with the pink waist sash based on Marie Antoninette's clothing worn at Petite Triannon. I read that it would be available in the atelier, but don't see it on their website. Is it still just a matter of time, or was it only available at the Fantaisies event? (or am I really crazy and made this up in my head?) Any help would be appreciated! :)

EDIT: SOLVED (thank you!)
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Last night, my husband and I went to a coffee shop for game night and played Monopoly ("Cane-opoly.") It got me wondering-there are so many versions of the game; I've seen some dedicated to specific colleges, Dog-opoly, Horse-opoly, SpongeBob-opoly.

What if there was Loli-opoly? The tokens/player pieces could be a teacup, a headbow, a mini tophat, and a Macaron. The houses could be online sellers and the hotels would be the stores. Instead of Park Avenue and such, the streets could be the stores, like AP, BtSSB, Meta, etc. and their various locations. Finally, with the Chance and Community chest, you could have something like, "scammer-lose a chance, and give the bank $300 in overdraft fees," or "you won Milky Planet JSK DA on the comm_sales, advance to AP Paris," and "PayPal dispute in your favor, collect $100," or something silly like that.

What would you add? Discuss :)

(Please note, this is meant to be a light hearted and fun discussion, so if you think this is dumb, don't take it too seriously.)

Ok, so this is what we have so far. Keep them coming:

Tokens/Player pieces:
TeaParty Shoe

Gothic Cross
Mini Tophat
VW Logo

Houses and Hotels
Iron Gates and Castles
Cake slices and Cake
Teacups and TeaPots

Jail (banned)
You were outed as a scammer, or a shoddy seamstress
You were found to be racist and hateful on <lj user="loli_secret">
You were GTFO'd on <lj user="getoffegl">
You repeatedly keep trying to trade your Ita crap on someone else's sales post

You spilled Soy Sauce on a borrowed OP, give $50 to each player
Your Meta Swan Lake's JSK's colors ran in the wash, $75 for dry cleaning
$300 in Overdraft fees, lose a turn
You were GTFO'd on <lj user="getoffegl">, lose a turn
Someone posted a secret about you, give each player $10 hush money
Blacklisted, go to Jail
Your sockpuppet account was outed, lose 2 turns
The Dream JSK you bought off the comm_sales community is not in the perfect condition you were promised; it's full of stains and tears.  Go back 3 spots.
Pay the bank $25 for Customs Fees
You won the opportunity to meet Mana, advance to Go and collect $200
Your family just gave you your dream dress, advance to the nearest location of the brand it is
You got a Lucky Pack, advance to the nearest Shinkansen

Loli Pirate Chest
You won a DA, collect $25
Free accessory with your purchase, collect $50
Paypal Dispute in your favor, win a turn
You were selected to model a piece at a Loli Fashion show at a con, collect $5 per player for tickets
You won a Romantic Dinner with Mr. Yan, advance to Bodyline Ave.

Streets and Aves
Brands and their locations (or collections, such as AP Sugary Carnival, Melty Chocolate, or Meta's Crown Label, etc.)

(or ShinKansens XD)
These would be the common loli styles, like Goth, Sweet, Classic and Sailor

Credit Card Bills
Dry Cleaning Bills

Shipping and Customs Fees

The purpose of the game is to own as much brand with as many Castles as possible in the end.

Loliday in Peru

Hi everyone~ Hope you all had a happy lolita day >w<

So here in Lima - Peru (southamerica) there's a rather small lolita community named Creamette, & I'm kinda like the owner (?)

And for loliday, we went to "Centro Histórico de Lima" (Historical Center of Lima), wich is one of the most important turistical places in Peru :')

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Men's hair styles

So I curious to what kind of hair style I should wear for dandy. I usually have my hair really short, but after anime Expo on Fourth of july will be growing it out again, and I was curious about what kind of styles would be good. As you can see in this picture, I like to put up a pompadour, but that's terribly lolita, so I'll take any suggestions you can throw at me
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My Lolita Idol

So after a lot of thinking, I realized that my idol is obviously Kaya! I've been a fan of his music for a couple years now, and after seeing his music video for "Chocolat", I was completely in love. To me, he has an unmatched sense of style. His outfits are always elegant, yet extravagant. It's obvious he like to try new things and play with his image. When I saw him live last year, he was always going offstage to change outfits. One minute, a cute yukata dress, the next, pants with a billowing coat. I think he was trying to show that beauty knows no gender, a concept very important to me. It's obvious he does his best to make a connection with his audience (and succeeds!).

I think the way he tries to make everything beautiful ties into Lolita very well. We all connect with each other through a similar aesthetic, a common interest in beauty. In an interview, he said: "the basis of beauty begins with never losing dignity." This couldn't be truer for Lolita! As many of us know, it can take some courage to wear these outfits in public, and we do anyway :D

Ok, I'm done :)
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Photo Post: Loliday in Vancouver, B.C.

Four of the Seattle Lolitas took the train up to Vancouver B.C. to celebrate Loliday with the Canadian girls thereby making it truly international! Many frills and laughs ensued. A food tour of the Granville Island Public Market was arranged, and then a scavanger hunt which was sort of abandoned for a huge dinner with almost all of us. We couldn't have asked for better weather or better hosts. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day. Between everyone I think about a thousand photos were taken o_O I will spare you most of them;)


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Themed Post: My Idol*

My Idol is Elizabeth I because she acomplished so much when all odds were against her. She had a rough childhood, her dad (Henry the 8th or Henry VIII) had her mother beheaded when she was only three, was deemed a "basterd" by the Imperial Ambassador(before she toke the throne of course), she studied languages from the age of four, became fluent in French, Italian, Latin, and Greek. She even wrote a whole book to her father in flawless english when she was only 12!  anyways she triumped over many obsticals,brought peace to a religously torn country , and while most others were handed their crown on a silver plate Elizabeth I got hers through courage and wit and that's why she is my Idol (^_^)
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question about bodyline rose skirt!

 I'm new here!!  ^.^  Just so everyone knows. 
Well, anyways has anyone has ever order the skirt from bodyline with the rose over skirt.  Look like this:

The question I want to ask before I order is that does this skirt come with both the skirt and overskirt or just the overskirt?  I want both, that's why I am asking.  Also I am asking this because on the site, it gives the size for both but under where it says weight, it only says about the over skirt.  That's why I am making sure.

Thank you,  
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I hope everyone had a good Loliday. I just wanted to thank everyone (and panelists) who was able to make it to Lolita Fashion Day at Kinokuniya in New York. I would never expected such a wide turnout, especially with the sticky heat. I do hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

In order to improve next year's event any feedback is appreciated!

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IW 10% Everything Sale <3

As you can see on the website, Innocent World's having a 10% off all items sale June 10-14! It must be within the sale time limits to count (see website for details) though and doesn't include things that haven't come out yet (reservation items). If you're like me, you have some favorite items picked out that you love but haven't bought for some reason so now's the excuse chance you need ;)

Lucky Packs are still available in the 31,500 yen size too =) Don't forget about IW's first LL size blouse by popular demand, now in stock!

Just wanted to let y'all know ;)

"Lolita Life" - Video Meme

With the lolita community wonderfully brought together through the worldwide web, I thought up this little video-based meme you can participate in if you wish to! :)
(I have always found it very uplifting not just seeing photos of lolitas from around the world, but also films and video!)

The meme is aimed more at people who wear lolita regularly or have elements of the "lolita lifestyle" in their lives, but if you feel that you can answer all the questions regardless- go for it! :)

1. First, introduce yourself in your latest outfit!
2. Show off your lolita fashion collection!
3. Film your lolita vanity or desk!
4. Is your workplace or study lolita-themed?
5. Do you sleep in a bed fit for a lolita-wearer?
6. Where is your favourite place to be to feel a little more "lolita"?
7. What make-up do you use when wearing lolita fashion?
8. What not-so-lolita things do you enjoy in life?

You can see my video under the cut, but I will also add other people's videos to a list in this post if lots of people do the meme!

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