June 6th, 2010

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Tiny chat... again sorry ^^;

Just letting folks know that we mods of the tinychat are looking into why our usual URL failed. Tinychat support has been contacted (it is a problem on their end) and there isn't much we can do about it until they get back to us.

Until we have it sorted out we've moved over to http://tinychat.com/eglchat with the continued use of a password for using video chat (horray less trolls and creepers!). Thank you and sorry to anyone who tried to go to the other room!
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Loliday at Petsmart

Well I don't know about everyone else, but I had the same day on lolita day I have every Saturday.  I had to work.  D:  However, my work has uniforms and I had to adhere to that.  That didn't mean that I couldn't accessorize!  XD  I'm curious what other loli's did if they had to work, especially those who are forced to wear a company shirt with khaki pants!

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Lolita Essay Help?

This is my first real post here, so I'll preface by saying hello~

I'm writing a compare-and-contrast paper for my English course and where I was originally planning to write it on EGL and EGA, but I decided to broaden my topic and wanted to ask around for ideas - I am now writing my paper on Gothic Lolita [in general] and Sweet Lolita. I'm thinking about comparing the obvious, say, use of colour, makeup used, but I'm still unsure as to what kinds of specific examples I should use. If anyone has any suggestions about comparisons and contrasts between the two, or specific examples, please tell me! As someone relatively new to lolita fashion in general, I'd appreciate all the help you're willing to offer me. ^^

Thanks in advance!

lolita idols

Well, I can name a few of my fashion idols, but none of them are actual lolitas or involved with the lolita fashion style. I've only been interested/involved with lolita for a little over a year now, so I don't really know many lolita icons, and the ones I do know of don't really inspire me. But the following people definitely inspire my fashion sense in a many ways.

1. Audrey Hepburn
She was elegant, graceful, gracious, and extremely talented. I don't really dress like her, but her style is always inspiring to me.
2. Sarah from 'The Labrinth'
She only wears three outfits the entire movie, but I love every single one. Especially the big, poofy, white and silver gown and the hair that came with it.
3. Iona from 'Pretty in Pink'
While I like Molly Ringwald's style in this movie and admire her spirit, it's Iona's (Annie Potts) wild and crazy sense of style that really grabs me. You never see her in a similar outfit the entire film, and each outfit she does wear is completely wild and fun.

So those are three of my top style icons.

English GLB Pattern Question

In the Winter 2009 edition of the Gothic & Lolita Bible, there is a knitting pattern for an Innocent World Knit Ribbon Headband. On my pattern copy it only gives me the number of rows I need for the lower Ribbon and the Center, but not for the Upper Ribbon. The space where the row amount should be is blank, you can see exactly where it should be. I didn't see this when I searched on EGL so I thought I would ask, since I am knitting one now. Is it that way on every copy? If not can someone provide me with the number of rows I need to knit on the upper ribbon?

Thank you!

Cardcaptor Sakura

Picture Request- Different styles for a Panel

Hello all!

In amongst the lolita day picture posts I have a picture request. I'm hosting panel at a local anime convention (QC anime-zing!) about lolita. It's just going to be a little about the history, basic dos and don'ts, and some examples of the more popular styles. What I need from you lovely ladies are some example pictures of western or non-Japanese lolita's wearing lolita correctly. And I would like to ask permission to use your fabulous photos rather than just stealing them from the internet! I already have some amazing non-Japanese lolita's picture but there are still a few gaps in what styles I need, mainly:

However lesser known styles such as country, wa, etc. are welcome as well ^.^

Thank you!
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Quick Question - AP JSK

Does anybody know what this dress would look like with a blouse underneath it, given that it has a bow that ties in the back at the neck? I don't necessarily need reference pics, just a general 'yes, it looks good with a blouse' or 'no, it doesn't look good with xyz type of blouse' should work, I'm enough in love with the print to get the dress once I know if it looks alright or not. Thanks!
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Cute Plush informations?


So, I've bought some items from CutePlush on the first of June. I read on the web site that they usually ship the orders on friday, monday and thursday. So, I've waited for an e-mail where they informed me that my order has been shipped. I've even sent an e-mail, but no one unswered me.
Has someone ever ordered something there? If so, Do I just have to wait?
Thanks a lot, nippah~

Warm, Warm Winter Coats!

It's summer, and I'm asking about warm coats... But it reminds us northern-hemisphere girls to be thankful for warm weather. Yeah.

I'm in love with the Rosa Crucifix coat from Rose Melody (qcute: http://www.qutieland.com/product.php?id=409 refresh if it's weird), and I hear it's gorgeous quality. And isn't that collar the cutest? But I live in Michigan, so warmth is an issue.

Does anyone know how warm this coat is? I don't want to spend so much money on something I can only wear in late autumn.

Also, what brands of coat are warm enough for the northern US/northern Europe/Canada?

Bodyline Shoes

I'm planning on ordering the bodyline shoes 190 tomorrow in all white. www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp
And before I made my decision on the shoe size (I'm an american 6 1/2, and 23.5 in centimeters as said on converse, but around 22.5 cm when I measure), I wanted to ask everyone who had these shoes if they could review them for me. I have done a search, but it was half and half on people saying to get either a half centimeter larger/smaller and a very few number of people saying that the size was dead on.
This will be my first pair of lolita shoes, and I want them to fit me just right, so I'm only taking an extra step of precaution.
How comfortable are they? What size do you wear and what size did you get in these shoes? And can you send any pictures of what they look worn (I couldn't find any good pictures)?
Thank you in advance :)

Loliday in Central California

Saturday was international lolita day..and I found out about it on Friday when it was mentioned here on egl. So I rounded up my closest friends who are interested in loli and educated them. I lent out most of my dresses to them and they loved it~! We walked around the Visalia mall and had a semi-fancy potluck in my boyfriend's backyard (because it's pretty!). Keep in mind though, it was around 97 degrees (36 Celsius?). We toughed it out--and I even wore Bodyline's Cecilia Carousel jsk!

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For those that read blogs, the story and more pictures can be found at my blog :
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