June 5th, 2010


Lolita article.

I was looking through my photobucket and found these scans of a Lolita article I scanned a few years ago.
I'm not sure if I ever posted it to EGL. So here they are;


It's from some anime booklet. I don't remember the name.

If I have posted them before tell me and I'll delete this.

Want to buy my first lolita item. HELP?

So I was wondering if you veteran lolita's can help me? I want to buy my first lolita item off of Bodyline. While I would first look for a seamstress to commission i'm short on time and money. I've used the search function and couldn't exactly find what i was looking for.

I was wanting this JSK : http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp?id=4543&pageNumber=1&pageStop=stop_1&noSubType=N

Now as a new buyer i wanted to know if any plus size loli's here have this? I'm pretty plus size.
My waist in CM is 135 1/2 cm and my bust is 128 cm (i'm also not very tall).  I was wanting to know if the JSK would be too small for me or if I should just give it up and try to find a seamstress for that price?  Can anyone give me advice or what I should do? 

EDIT:  Would it just be easier to get a skirt? Seeing as how with the help of all you lovely ladies the JSK will not fit me. Do I have a better chance with just a skirt?  And if not I'll just try to get something commissioned =x

EDIT 2: Also, as I'm not all that tall I usually pull my skirts/pants up above my waist so that it sits just under my bust/over my naval (yes nerdy i know ><). And when I do pull it up it's almost 108 cm. Does that count for anything?

EDIT 3: I think I might just try to sew my own skirt. I'm a beginner seamstress. and the only I was ever able to get right was a skirt i made in my highschool beginners class xD. OK. New question. Does anyone have any advice for someone who's about to sew their own lolita skirt for the first time? Nothing fancy for me, just a regular skirt.

EDIT 4: ok. looks like i made a mistake with my measuring. Looks like my waist is 108 instead of the 135 1/2 ^^;.

Quick Measuring Question

Hello again.

I am financially prepared to make my first dress purchase from Qutieland (yay!), but I need some help. Since Lolita goes by measurements in centimeters instead of a basic letter/whole number sizing, I am measuring myself. I am using a tape measure with a metal tip at the end and I was wondering when measuring, which number (or side?) do you look at? Is it the number closest to that metal tip? I've looked in the memories as well as Google, but nothing answered my question.


Thanks and happy Lolita Day!

Theme Post: Bonnets

In honor of Lolita Day and all of my milliner heroes, I made a simple straw bonnet. I've always loved bonnets but I never felt like they suited me. Anywaaay, I had a straw hat lying around and seeing all these posts of beautiful bonnets I finally had the motivation to make one for myself!

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ritveting tale chap!

Fabric help?

Sooo I'm trying to figure out where I can find fabric like the kind used for this jacket:

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I believe this is an Infanta jacket, but I'm not sure, because I found this on some shopping service. I think it said it was jacquard, but I can't be too certain since the site's now down. And as it turns out, it's pretty hard to find jacquard that's not upholstery. Actually... it's hard to find anything with a damask-ish pattern that isn't upholstery. And that upsets me. >:

So do any of you guys know where I can find something similar? Thanks in advance!
floating head

Lolita DayxDrawing Day

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Please click the image for a larger view!

Created for Drawing Day (www.drawingday.org) and for this month's EGL theme, bonnets PLUS it's Lolita day!

I thought I'd have some fun with the chibi lolitas, also inspired by some of the awesome bonnets that have been posted/made by some talented ladies :D I'm not too sure about the colours of the blouse >: Maybe I should've used a different colour, or at least a different colour for the teacup?

Done with a fineliner and copic sketch markers

Thanks for looking! <3