June 4th, 2010

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The Ethical Lolita?

So, I've noticed some posters seem to be concerned with where their clothing comes from and how it's produced recently. So I thought I'd offer the topic up for discussion! I've always been a huge fashion and makeup person, and I remember the days I used to fork over cash for my newest dream item, and not really thinking twice about how it was produced or where it came from. These days, however, in my old age,(25 is getting there for Lolita. Haha) I find myself more concerned on my impact as a consumer...and I'm curious, who else does as well?

I'd to see this post as an outlet for some information, too! Like, what Lolita brands are sweat shop free? Which ones use leather or fur, and which ones don't? Which ones are independent, etc.

PS: Debate and drama are two different things. :) Let's keep it respectful.
PPS: I'm not trying to make this a who's more ethical than who kind of thing. I'm not perfect, that's for sure! This is a thread for peeps who just like to be informed of where stuff came from so they can keep that in mind.
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It's that time of year again-- International Lolita Day~!

So, as most all of you know, International Lolita Days are on the first Saturdays of June and December. That means that tomorrow, June 5th, is the first International Lolita Day of 2010!

What are your guys' plans for this day? What will you wear? Care to post photos here in this thread when the day is over?

Are their any lolitas in the Chicago area who might want to get together for the occasion?

Hope you all can have a great Saturday tomorrow~! : )

QutieLand ordering difficulty


I want to order a couple of dresses and a petticoat from QutieLand. I E-Mailed QutieLand (before checking out or officially agreeing to buy) asking some questions about the ordering process and asking if I could get a headbow (made by the same brand as one of dresses I want) in a color to match that dress.

So, I sent that E-Mail about 6-7 days ago, and got no reply. I then double-checked that I was sending it to the right address (qcuteqcuteqcuteq@gmail.com ----I'm pretty sure that's right), and sent it again, a couple of days ago. No reply to that, either. I've always heard that QutieLand has great communication, so I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

So questions:

1. Does QutieLand simply ignore you if you haven't agreed to buy already?

2. Am I sending my questions to the wrong address?

3. Do you just have to wait a long time before they get back to you?

I've tried the 'chat' function on the QutieLand site, but I've never seen them on it.

Anyway, any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

New layout and themes for June

Sorry it took a while guys, but our new layout is here :D Artwork this month is by ruin_hci . You can view more of her work on her DeviantArt! Want your artwork featured? Please check this post for info.

The General Theme for June is Who are your idols?
This month we'd like you to tell us who it is that influences your style and why. A focus on perhaps more obscure people would be preferable, since I'm sure we all know about Maki and Asuka by now.

The Aesthetic Theme for June is Bonnets!
Does that make sense as an aesthetic theme...? Anyway! Now is the month to show us anything and everything relating to bonnets - tutorials, photo shoots, drawings - It's all good!

Monthly theme: Bonnets Bonnets Bonnets

Since this month's theme is bonnets, I figure I would make a post about the various bonnet I have been working on, as well as some of my plans for future bonnets. I posted a few of my bonnets a while back, but I've made a ton more since then XD
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I actually have a whole separate blog for my bonnets, as well as a few other crafty things, because I didn't want to clutter up Fyeahlolita with bonnet chatter. The blog goes hand in hand with my Etsy shop.

In conclusion, I am obviously bonnet obsessed @_@
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Tutorial Request!

The monthly theme of bonnets reminded me how much I wish there was a tutorial on how to make a half bonnet (think AP's Rose Toilette half bonnet).  Somebody who's really good at sewing and making things should totally write a tutorial! I'd do it, but I don't think I'm good enough to figure out how to make a half bonnet.
Here's a link to a photo...it's not mine, but I found it on a google image search.

Edit: Thanks to lovelyona's comment, I found poppy_cake's tutorial on half bonnets! But the photos aren't there anymore! Can anybody help?

lolita mommies

This post is an attempt to answer the monthly theme. I happen to admire lolita mothers a lot.
Just to specify, by "lolita mothers" I mean lolitas who are also mothers, not mothers of lolitas.
I know there are a few of you out there (I am not a mother myself), and I was curious about certain things like when you first "discovered" lolita, how you introduced lolita to your families, specifically your children, and if your child/children is/are also interested in lolita.

I'm sorry that this is so random and if there's been any other posts on this sort of thing! I really can't say I'm familiar with livejournal yet.
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New Fairy-Angel Site - Points Question for a new shopper?

Hi there!

I'm not new to the fashion by any means, but, I've never gotten around to shopping on Fairy-Angel. Now that they have an international site, I think I might give it a go despite some of the reviews I've read of the site in the past. So, here's my real question...

I've registered on the new site and I spent about an hour searching memories and entries here and also for some hint on the Fairy-Angel site... How do I use those 500 points sitting in my account? Are they used for some sort of discount?

I'm hoping that one of you lolis can give me an answer, I've been so curious as to how they work!


Monthly Theme: Lolita Idol

I know many people have idols from the present time, such as musicians, designers, models, lj girls, etc. But how about those from long ago? Do you have any idols from the Rococo, Edwardian, or Victorian eras? Perhaps authors, or even their characters from their stories. Maybe some queens or princesses? Shakespeare? Anything! I adore Marie Antoinette and how her dresses were so colorful with beautiful prints and how she'd eat nothing but sweets and walk through the countryside, have tea with other royals and have/attend grand parties. How 'bout you? Edit: Just to have it make more sense, I don't look up to M.A as someone I would want to be, only her clothing and part of her lifestyle. ^^ 

Here's a question for everyone

 If every lolita item were counted; every jsk, coat, skirt, accessory, shoe etc. What do you think the total price would be xD ?

To keep it mildly specific, lets say Angelic Pretty. Every piece manufactured at a total price. Don't count its present value at auction, think of its original sales price. 

What do you think? 

Millions of dollars maybe? 

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are there any lolita shops in kobe?
or otome etc shops like emily temple cute and milk (esp want to go to milk and etc since i'm not so into lolita these days)
maybe other like lolitaish cafes and things
fanx.  i did do a search but only found things for kyoto??

do you think it's true kobe has a "san francisco" feel

Any Small Lolita Designers In Southern California?

I've been wondering if there are any small aspiring lolita designers in Southern California, because I have also been thinking about organizing a small Lolita fashion show along with other lolitas. Maybe display some of their fashions, and dresses. If there are enough designers, than there is a possibility to make a small fashion show in Southern California, and invite as many lolitas as we can. Afterwards, than the designers can sell the gorgeous clothing that they made! Any ideas, or thoughts? No harsh criticism about the thought though. >.< I just remembered that the Pepsi or Coca Cola is donating money to small designers, and it would be perfect for the possibility of a fasion show
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Bonnet Measurement Question

Does anybody have this Bodyline half bonnet? Can you measure the width in the middle of it (the widest part) please?  And what is the width (in the middle) of just the part that sticks up that starts at the lace?

Also, is there anything that helps the fabric stay up, or is it just the way it's sewn and the lace underneath?


I also like AP's Rose Toilette half bonnet.  If you have that half bonnet, I'd appreciate the above information on it as well.
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NYC Picnic postponed!

Because of "weather predictions" of rain and thunderstorms (hawwww, because we all know it'll probably break out in sunshine last minute), I'm postponing the meetup to next Saturday, June 12th. Sorry for the late notice, I was waiting till 8-9, hoping that the weather forecast would change. Apparently not.

As much as I didn't want to move the meet, I didn't want to take any chance and end up wasting food. And, unfortunately, New York City sucks for not having a proper, open public indoor space, so there's not much other choice.

Any questions or concerns, and to confirm your attendance, you can either PM me, or go to the original thread here.

Sorry, guys! I was REALLY looking forward to this! I hope you'll be able to come next week.
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Art post, and a question about parasols

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Also, since summer is coming up (at least in the northern hemisphere), what do you think of wearing large straw hats (like in the picture) or bonnets while using a parasol as well? Since the purpose of these accessories were to keep sun off of your face, having a large hat and a parasol at the same time seems a bit overkill, don't you think?