June 3rd, 2010

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Lolifying Your iPhone

I found a site long ago and it can relate to lolita. It reminds me of deco nails. http://www.dinodirect.com/iPhone-Crystal-Cases/
i bought mine from this online store, it is cheap and i bought 3. They work wonder and are an attention grabber that can help start conversation with other people. Yes the gems fall off, only if you are hard on your phone and drop them a lot (aka me)..but i had these for over 6 months.

Custom fabric printing?

Hey folks, I wanted to print up my own fabric to make a dress for myself and a costume I'm working on...
but Spoonflower appears to be really backed up. And I thought for sure I'd heard of some other options besides spoonflower.

Does anyone have any other options for custom printing fabric? I'm asking here because I know some of you girls have done this before for making lolita skirts.

I could just google it, but I'd prefer to use one that someone has used and been satisfied with before, especially since I'm on a bit of a deadline and probably won't have time to do a ton of swatches from different companies.

Help a girl out, please?

Oh dear...

The egl Tinychat seems to be quite dead right now~!
If you haven't checked it out already you should! Meet other girls and laugh at trolls trying to troll! 


I'm currently the only person there right now and it's kind of sad how it's always dead whenever I pop in there. Bookmark it or something. <3

Come on ladies, this is a great chance to meet others and show off your stuff!

Jeans in Casual Coords?

Good morning, ladies! (well, its 10AM where I am, at least) I love browsing everyone's coords on LJ or Lookbook, whether they be classic, casual or OTT. I see a ton of casual coords using brand skirts and tshirts/cutsews, but here is what I'm wondering: Does anyone ever do casual coords using jeans instead of skirts? I would love to hear your take on this, and always photos are best!

(if this is better suited to daily_lolita or daily_ala_mode, please let me know and I will move it there)

EDIT: Hmmm, ok I should have explained myself better. >< Of course jeans are not lolita, since they take away the bell-shaped skirt silhouette. What I'm really wondering is - does anyone coord their lolita items with jeans, to get more use & everyday wear out of them? I know when I spend $300 for something, rather than keep it in the closet I want to wear it every which-way I can to get the most use out of said item. Ughh-sometimes its hard to type out exactly what I mean in my head. Lol...

Oh crap, a dyeing problem.

Yes, I dyed my brand. Yes, I know that's sooo crazy. Anyways. I decided my white meta LP jsk would look better blue. I'm talking aqua pool blue. Now, I used RIT dye, and it dyed within 5 minutes. I just about peed myself, because it's WAY too dark.

So my question is- how can I SAFELY get the color to be LIGHT blue? Should I fill the washer with some water and liquid bleach (possible spotchy), or get RIT color remover? (Only use half, and hope it works?) Suggestions welcomed. T__T

**EDIT** I did look at this entry about bleach/dye however, nothing about removing color that I screwed up.

*EDITEDIT* @ 11 pm
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Lesson learned: Always test a swatch and be careful about liquid RIT! Thank you everyone for helping!
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Lolita Fashion Day at Kinokuniya


Just a reminder to stop by Kinokuniya (1073 Avenue of Americas) on Saturday for International Lolita Day where Lolitas from the Tri-State area will be discussing the Internet, fashion, and how to pretty the little things in life.

-Cafe Zaiya will be giving out free sweets with cafe purchases
-Raffle to win $50 Tokyo Rebel Gift Certificate, a Black Bag or a Pink Bag of select items every Lolita should have. (lipstick from Anna Sui, $15 gift card from Magnolia Bakery, tea from Rose House, clothes made by Morrigan NYC and I Do Declare)
-Meet girls behindLa Vida Frills, Lolita Charm, and Pretty Wonderland. *NOTE*La Vida Frills will be giving away a DVD prize at the end of the Lolitas in the Wired panel.
-Talk to fashion designers of Morrigan NYC and I Do Declare. *NOTE* Zoh Rothberg of Morrigan NYC will also be unveiling a new nautical print, 2nd in the 19th Century Literature series.
-Learn how to Loli-fy your daily life.

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QutieLand Ordering question

I was wondering if it makes a difference when your ordering things from QutieLand (Like JSKs, blouses, skirts, etc.) to enter your measurements. If it's already being made in a certain size, why do they ask you to put in your measurements unless they were making custom sizes? Is it necessary to put your measurements in?
Thank you in advance for your help :)

Sunday @ Fanime- lolita picnic, fashion show panel and more

I attended Fantaisies dans le Monde des Rêves this weekend on Friday and Saturday but Sunday was all about Fanime. The day started off with the lolita potluck picnic hosted by claudia_ethos. Later that evening hellodolly and I held an intro to lolita panel with a pretty huge fashion show.

Since I didn't have a chance to talk to either of the designers at the events at "Fantaisies...", I was really excited when I ran into Asuka at Fanime of all places. :)

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