June 2nd, 2010

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Fantaisies dans le Monde des Rêves

So the fancy french event was this weekend, yes? I've seen some outfit posts on daily_lolita but haven't heard much else about it. It seemed like a well-rounded event in terms of activities (AFAIK there was a boutique, a tea party, a concert, and a fashion show?) and I thought it was interesting that there were several brands this time around as opposed to a focus solely on AP.
So, for those who were lucky enough to attend, what were your impressions? are you enthralled, disappointed? more importantly, PICTURES? :9
Hahah sorry, this may be a bit soon, but I'm very nosy, see ;]

If there's already been a post, please do point me to it and smack me over the head - I've been sick in the past few days so I might've just missed it D:
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What I lolified... The Japanese Tea Ceremony

Sliding in after June 1st here, but I wanted to participate!

These pictures were taken a year ago, but posting them now for fun =D My friend Wendy (LJ-less) and I took a class at our university about the Japanese tea ceremony, called Chanoyu (or chado or sado XD). We thought it would be fun to lolify it since the tea ceremony is all about rules and propriety and somehow fits with lolita!

We aren't lifestyle lolitas in any way - this was just kind of an inside joke for us but maybe you can enjoy it too.

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Taiji - OMG Loser

Lolitas attending Paris Japan Expo

We are searching for people attending to the Japan Expo in Paris this July that would like to model for a new Lolita brand called "Die Kleine Mizzi" for the New Young Creators Brand Fashion Show panel.
We will give FREE PASSES for that day and some GIFTS from the brand.

The day will be probably Friday 2nd, but the day is yet to be announced by the Expo staff.

You can contact us at diekleinemizzi@gmail.com

Help with lolita stores in Munich

Hi there , i'm yui from chile and i'm new here . Please i need to know if there are stores with lolita clothing in Munich , Germany. My father is going to travel in a week so  really want to know if there are some stores with japanese lolita clothes.

thanks ^____^
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Brand Plush Toys?

I'm a sucker for plush toys, and I know brands like AP and BTSSB put out some stuffed animals that AREN'T bags, although whether or not they were sold in stores or only given out in lucky packs/as novelty items, I'm not 100% certain. I'm looking for photographs of these plush toys, as I'd like to track some down to buy. Google isn't helping much, although I did find some images of plushies (such as this) that I've never seen before.

Bring on the toys, baby.
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Angelic Pretty OPs On Petite Girls?

So I really like Angelic Pretty's OP's and may want one for my next brand purchase.  However, I'm wondering how huge the dress would be on me.  I'm short and tiny...only 5 feet one inch tall.  My bust measurement fluctuates between 30-32 inches and waist from 25-26.

Is there anyone else who is really close to my size and owns an OP by AP?  Do you have photos wearing it?  I'm wondering if it would be noticeably huge or just slightly big but not a big deal or what.

I don't think it makes a difference since they have pretty much the same sizing for all their dresses (right?), but the one I'm most interested in (though there are a few) is the new Milky Planet (I think that's the name everybody decided on for the English translation?  The one with the ice cream castles and rainbows all over the border.) series.

Orlando, Florida Meet

Hello everyone!

I was just wondering if any Orlando Lolitas might want to have a meet some time between July 12-15? I'm headed over that way due to the 2010 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition and will have a lot of free time and was hoping people might like to get together!
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