June 1st, 2010

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Innocent World Lucky Packs!

Innocent World has lucky packs available!


If you're a classic lolita, or want to get a start in it, I highly recommend an IW LP -- I got one last year and it just rocked.

It looks like they have 2, but not according to size:
A lucky pack for 31,500 yen.
A lucky pack for 52,500 yen.

Here's what I got last year & I still use everything frequently:

I really want one but I also need to save for my San Francisco trip. Aggghhh so conflicted. X/

Weird symbol thing..

I was just going through my collection of loli related pictures and i found one of sae and on her finger was a ring that had this...like saturn with a cross thing on top of it, she also has a bracelet with this and on the wedding issue of the english glb the girl on the cover has either a bracelt or a necklace (i cant remember which) with this symbol as well, i wonder if anyone knows where its from...
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Seal of the Hunter

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My friends call me Big Wes, and I'm a cosplayer that has been turned on to Lolita. I've been meeting all sorts of wonderful people in the community, and I've finally decided to get myself in gear to do some lolita.

My only problem is that I'm a big dude. Not horrendously huge, just big all around. And I don't know where to begin, or how to do anything. I wanted to come on and start watching the style of some folks here, but it seems like there's mostly women posting. I, of course, love looking at women all day. In fact, I love it ;D But is there any reference material or sites you can point me to so I might make/buy pieces?

Oh, and please, come to the egl tinychat! It died down a bit, it would be nice to meet some new people! The site is www.tinychat.com/egl

Edit: I was told that I should have a picture and add I'm not up for Brolita!

ga-ga-ganta fight, ganbare ganta

Favorite print poll

Hi guys, let's do a poll for fun. I wanna know what everyone's favorite type of print is.

What is your favorite type of print?

Animal (skin or with little teddy bears, cats, etc.)
Polka dots
Fairy tale
Food, sweets, fruit
Something else
None - solid colors for me!



I recently bought a second-hand JSK at an anime convention. It is Angelic Pretty, but I have no clue as to how I should clean it, nor which JSK it is. I do no want to hand-wash it, nor take it to the dry-cleaners without being 100% positive of which I should do.


(I am sorry if I do something wrong. I am very new to lolita, and this is my first posting ///)

A wanabe lolita accessory designer

I'm PJ, and my friend and I want to create a brand of lolita accessories. I really think it's important to know what people want to be able to buy, and not just pushing whatever I think is cute. (although we'll do a bit of that too)

What kind of styles are you tired of? What do you want to see more of, and what would be you're must-have-totaly-to-die-for accessory?

(I hope it's ok to post this, and hope no one think i'm some crazy spammer, we don't even have a logo yet! >.<)

Role Call!

Has anyone else just been browsing through egl or any of the offshoots and someone casually mentions they live in your city, unbeknownst to you? This has happened to me A LOT, and I'm starting to wonder just how many lolitas are infiltrating my corner of the globe, secretly, like ninjas.

So whether you wear lolita 24/7 or just enjoy looking at it from afar, whether you're active in your local community or a lurker, let it be known in this post! Scroll through the comments and see if anyone else mentions your city/metro area, and reply to them with a loud "HERE!" If you don't see anyone else in your area, start a thread of your own!

Let's see how many of us there really are!

Input needed!

I am looking for some feedback regarding material preferences in Lolita (fabric, lace, jewelry), print preferences, as well as measurements of the general Lolita population. It's very short (10 questions), and your participation would be greatly appreciated!

Take The Survey Here

Thank you!
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Cheap, but are they good?

I need some feedback on these petticoats. I need a smaller one due to the fact that my other petticoat from Candy Violet is flipping huge. I know they are super cheap, but I am on a super tight budget and probably shouldn't even be looking at stuff to buy. So please, just some feedback on whether it is actually worth $12 or not.

Made by protera

International Lolita Day 2010 - Halifax version

Hello my fellow eglers! :]

Please don't shoot me if I'm doing this wrong but this is my first time posting in this group and I hope I am doing this right.

I know this is short notice for most people but for those of you who don't mind short notice then that's great.

To celebrate International Lolita Day on June 5th, a friend (Emma) and I are planning a meetup. I've already made a facebook event about it as well as posting on the Animaritime forums and the livejournal group Maritime Lolitas. But for those of you who don't use either one of those sites, I will post the details of it here.

When: Saturday, June 5th, 2010
Time: 12:30pm - 5:30pm
Where: Halifax Public Gardens. Meeting at the white bandstand.

There will be photo-shoots, drinks and snacks, games and just plain fun! :D

If you're not really into the Lolita scene then you can come check it out anyways.

I hope to see you all there! =)

If you need anymore details about it then feel free to email me at winteroffire@gmail.com