May 31st, 2010

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EGL Chat ;)

I'm sure many of you girls have been busy and forgotten, but the EGL tinychat is still up and running! We love to meet and talk with girls from all over the world. Always feel free to join us! The web cams now have a password setting so only those who have been approved can broadcast. You just need to sign in with a tiny chat account or your twitter.

Monthly Theme Post (image heavy)

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Theme II: Go Big or Go Home
Whenever I'm hanging out with other lolitas or checking out photos, there's always someone with a mega poof skirt, and I'm always told that he or she stuffed more than one petticoat underneath their skirt. I know it's very last minute, but I would like to know how many petticoats you or a friend have worn at once, and show pics or it didn't happen ;D
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What Have I lolifed?

A hat I recently bought at a dollar store! It was pretty cute to begin with, but I wanted embellishments that would match the color scheme of a dress I recently got from Baby. (Warning: just a bit image heavy after adding more pictures)
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Newbie petticoat help

I'm trying to find a petticoat with a lot off poof and not that expensive ($45 USD being the highest). Bodyline is cheap, yes, but I have heard that their pettis are not comfortable at all. Any help would be appreciated :)
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