May 30th, 2010


updated indie brands list?

 Hello lovelies.  I am wondering if there was a list of lolita indie brands?

Specifically from the U.S. and countries other than China and Japan.  I am aware of some up and coming brands but would like to know if there was a list of them?  There was a post I saw awhile ago (I hate myself for not bookmarking it!  I've tried looking for it for hours) with an indie? brand or a designer/seamstress showing her new and beautiful creations.  If i remember correctly they were nautical themed... Anyone know who I'm talking about..?
Mini Me!

New Candy Violet Atelier

This week we launched our new Atleier collection over at Candy Violet and are doing things a little differently this time around. All the designs are available in any size and any color, to be sure that the dresses people want are available in the colors and sizes they need!

I few people might recognize these pieces from the Fantaisies dans le Monde Des Rêves fashion show yesterday
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This selection is all about formal wear with a lolita twist, and lots of hand detailing. I hope this is a direction that will work.
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Formspring Project

So I need some new content for my website, and I was thinking of a way to incorporate art while also answering questions if I can.

I don't consider myself to be a ~guru~ but I do have a pretty good grasp of the way lolita has evolved over the last few years, and maybe can give some guidance, or even a different perspective.

If i see lots of the same questions pop up I'll address them in length on my site and my DA, incorporating pictures and drawings and things of that nature. But to get it started, I need questions to be asked!

I hope this project goes swimmingly, I think it'd be fun.

Where do you feel most comfortable wearing lolita?

I checked the memories for a post like this, but couldn't find anything, so I thought I may as well ask!
Where do you guys feel most comfortable in lolita? Do you like wearing it to the mall? At the library? Around town?
Personally, I feel most comfortable wearing lolita at school. I'm still in high school, so there are a few jerks, but most people are incredibly nice about lolita! In fact, the one negative comment I got was from this girl who's rude to everyone, so she doesn't really count. xD

lolita music idea - loli choir?

Hey everyone! I keep thinking how cool it would be if there was a lolita choir that sang classical acappella songs in various languages. I think it would be an amazing idea. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to join a choir like that if (hypothetically) it did exist.

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This year the summer Lolita day is on June 5th, and to commemorate it, there will be a picnic in Central Park.

In Shimotsuma Monogatari, Momoko dreamt of living a Rococo lifestyle, strolling in country fields, having servants waiting hand and foot, and doing nothing but sewing, tea, strolling and socializing all day.

For many, if not most or all of us, we shared the dream of a relaxing life away from our hectic or boring lives, away from whatever oppression or expectations that pressured us. If not, then there's no denial that Momoko's desire is only an example of the "life" that is our Lolita style.

This picnic is not only for old friends, but for new girls, with discussion to get to know each other, a variety of activities to enjoy, and of course food to share.

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Hi! I have been looking at petticoats ( Candy Violet and English charm mostly) , and I would love links to american stores that are trusted by you all... and maybe a preference in which one to buy? I want one that is very pooffy but not Mana status poof. Thanks!
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Photo thingys...

Hi, A friend of mine recently posted photos to facebook of her wearing this new AP dress she just got, and she somehow edited the photos so it was and she had like cards in the background and was sitting on a cupcake, another wear she was riding a pony and holding a lollipop, I asked how she did it but she isnt replying and I dont think she will so I was wondering if any of you knew what this is called or how I can get my hands on it. Thank you.
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