May 27th, 2010


Theme post : A lolified space.

For the longest time, my lolita dresses were bunched together in a teeny tiny little spot in my closet while everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING took up the rest of the closet space. I finally got around to cleaning it up because I was inspired by...(if someone can link me to it) the theme post entry where she made a makeshift lolita closet out of bookshelves(?). I lolified a computer cabinet into a lolita armoire~!

Caution, tons of pics~ (sorry some are blurry)

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the whole story, picture of the shoes, and smaller pictures with 2am randomness brushed on-- is blogged here :
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Piercing + Lolita Photo Request

I searched egl and there doesn't seem to be a similar post (if I'm wrong delete).

I recently got my lip re-pierced. The last time it was pierced I wasn't wearing lolita yet. Anyway, every now and then I see pictures of lolitas that also have facial piercings. I am definitely a fan of this, I know some aren't. Piercing discussion aside, I would like to see photos of lolitas wearing any style with their piercings. Double brownie points if it's not gothic or punk style. =P