May 26th, 2010


A lolita photoshoot

Sharing some pics from a recent photoshoot I did, I was the photographer =) I was hoping and hoping and hoping it wouldn't rain as I wanted an outdoors shoot rained, lol. But luckily, the rain stopped in the mid-afternoon and I did plan for a late afternoon start so all was well~ For once, the weather forecast was actually pretty accurate, hurhur.

The theme for the shoot is taken from the fairytale, Snow White and Rose Red, and particularly the part where the two sisters were lost in the woods (although we have no woods locally except patches of tropical, humid, mosquitoes-infested foresty areas, lol!)

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Auburn Alabama Lolita Day Meetup

I was just wondering if there are any other lolitas out there in Auburn who would be interested in a meetup on Lolita Day (June 5th). My friend gerbilpoof (who is new to lolita) and I wanted to do something fun for the holiday, but we want to get other lolitas involved, too! We don't really have any surefire plans yet, so we're looking for some suggestions. I'm new in the area, so I don't really know what all there is to do yet, but she suggested the Art Museum(but shes not sure if its open to civilians that day because of art classes) or an antique store. Apparently the tea house is closed down =(. I would ask this over on alabama_lolitas , but there don't seem to be any other Auburn residents there, and I'm pretty sure I remember a couple people on the main comm mentioning being from Auburn a while back. Hopefully, if we find a decent little group of people, Auburn meetups can become a regular thing!
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WTB: Lolita Pig tailed wigs

This has probably been asked time and time again.
but I was wondering if anyone knew where to get wigs like these:

I've checked ebay but havent gotten much results D:
I've checked the memories and the only sites listed there other than amphigory and cosworx was Cyperous and G-market.

Would there be another website to order them from?


Fashion Show

Hi, my name is Lauren. I have just graduated from the Honolulu Community College with a degree in Fashion Technology. For the last class of the course, we had to design and construct our own line of clothing, and I chose to do a classic Lolita style line. I thought I'd share a video and some photos from our annual Spring fashion show "Flight".

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Open-Toed Heels?

I bought my not-lolita prom shoes, but it seems like a shame to buy nice shoes and only wear them once. But I have the BABY embroidery pockets JSK, and they match the embroidery perfectly.

The shoes look like these, without the rhinestone ring. I'm planning to put rose clips on them. Would I be able to get away with them in a hime gyaru-inspired coord without going completely off the rails?
And if so, what do I wear on my legs?