May 25th, 2010


Help for my homework?

In my web page design class for our final we are required to make a massive website on the topic of our choosing.  I chose to do mine on lolita.  It is to be an informational website that teaches about lolita.  I am however having problems finding a proper video to put on it.  I need at least one.  I am looking for a video that is from Japan with English subtitles.  If you know of one I would greatly appreciate if you would help me by posting it.  I tried to find one on Youtube, but my time that I can be on there is limited because I don't have internet at home and youtube and live journal and such are blocked at my school.  So right now I am rushing to get what I need sitting at McDonalds using their free internet before I need to be at school.

Superbuzzy wants your suggestions!

According to the homepage, a website carrying exclusively Japanese fabric, the owner is going to go to Japan soon to scope out new companies to carry fabric from.  I've already emailed and asked her to carry more lolita-friendly border print fabrics, seeing as lj user pailletes and I were just talking about that at ACen--apparently a lot of the fabric Body Line uses for their garments can be found in Japanese fabric stores (I think theosakakoneko can vouch for this).

So is there a certain Japanese fabric company you love but can't find to buy online anywhere?  Well, email the superbuzzy team and let them know what you think!

Lolita Inspired Flash Games

Hello EGL :3!
I've been trying my hand at Flash lately and with the help of my boyfriend made a couple of tester games (Well, I say games, but they're more point and click mini exploration...)

This is just to test some things before we made a more ambitious game, so it isn't much, but I thought some of you lolis might appreciate them (^^)

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Newbie with questions, ahoy!

I looked through the memories, but I couldn't really find anything, so I finally got the courage to stop lurking and actually post :). What are the view on tattoos in lolita? I have a rather big tattoo on my upper arm, from the shoulder down to the elbow, so I've been hesitating about getting any loli clothing, since I don't want to mess up and look bad. I know lolita is supposed to be doll-like, and tattoos, well, aren't really. Should I just try to cover it up as much as possible?

Also, a question about glasses. Mine have rather thick, black frames, should I try to get clothes that match them? I'm a bit worried about how it would look together with lighter colours like pink and yellow :/

 I also have really short hair, and the loli hairstyles I've found are all for longer hair than I have :(. Any ideas to make my hair a bit more, well, loli? I'd rather not use a wig. I did a quick google and found a picture of a hairstyle very similar to mine: ( very short)

Thanks in advance :)

edit: Thanks for all the encouragement and help :). Was surprised to see so many comments! Sadly, getting new glasses isn't possible, my eyesight is really bad so they're very expensive :/ I will look at smaller hair accesories though. Nice to know that tattoos isn't as uncommon in lolita as I thought :)
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