May 24th, 2010

Lolita's diary

 Do you girls (and boys :) ) keep a diary? Is it an important moment on you day?
Do you think that it is a part of lolita's lifestyle?
If you don't, is it because you express your feelings by another way (drawing, sewing, sports...) or just because you don't feel it necessary?

I'd like to know your opinion :)
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hyde picturesque

Another Juliette et Justine question

Does JetJ include another bill/invoice inside of their package with the real price of the items on it? And are the tags included in the box?

My stuff from them is waiting in the customs office and they want a paypal invoice as proof that I really paid the price. But JetJ marked the value down on the customs declaration.

Two devils

Monthy Theme!

So yesturday I really wanted to deco something but I didn't know what.  My pokewalker is done, my flip is covered... Then I considered my DS but then I had an idea!  What about one of my DS game holders?  You know, those gray plastic cases that hold three games each?  So I turned it into a sweet lolita project!

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mr. newton- water

Changing an A-Line petticoat into a cupcake shaped one?

Hello ladies~

I've tried to find this tutorial for a while, but I just cant seem to! I'm looking to convert my CandyViolet/malco modes 580 A-Line petti into a more cupcake shaped one; Does anyone know how to go about doing this? I'm afraid of just going blind and altering things without knowing how exactly to go about doing it.

Thanks so much for any help~