May 23rd, 2010

Shopping for my first dress!

I am new to Lolita and this is my first post here on EGL. I have a friend who is an experienced Loli helping me, but I was hoping I could find some pictures of this dress being worn IRL.



I really adore this dress, but I just cant decide if it should be my first. Being able to see other girls wear it would help me out! 

Thank you so much for your help! 

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A belated blog advertisement

I started a blog a while back but for some odd reason it never occured to me that I should tell people about it. Epic fail. But anyways, the blog is about lolita, for lolitas, centered on lolita.
If you want to, check it out at
Thank you!
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Question about skirt I found on Qutieland

I am a new lolita, and want to buy a skirt. I found one here: and here: I'm not sure if it comes with a petticoat or not, but that skirt is too poofy for me, and I was wondering if any of you own it and can show me some pictures of it w/o a petticoat.


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School Research Project

Hey all, I need your help for a school project I'm doing for this term. The topic for my project is "The Lolita Community as Fan Culture: The Role of the Internet."

I have come up with a survey (two parts), and would really appreciate responses!

Some example questions:
How many hours a week do you participate in Lolita online, vs How many hours you spend participating in real life, What means you use to participate online, under what circumstances you wear Lolita in real life, etc.

If you have any other additional comments, feel free to post here and discuss! Thanks so much!

Part 1: Click here to take survey
Part 2: Click here to take survey

Fanime Fashion Show & Panel last update

This is the final reminder for hellodolly & my lolita fashion show & panel at Fanime next weekend.

Don't want to model but do want to come watch the show? Great! :)
*You do need to have a Fanime weekend badge or day pass to attend any panels at Fanime
When: Sunday May 30th
Time: 6pm
Where: Fanime Con in San Jose, Panels Room 1: Marriott Salons I & II

Crossposted on egl, ca_egl and my personal journal, so sorry if you see it more than once. <3

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Lolita at my Mother's Retirement Party

I was just wondering if anyone had any experience showing up for family events (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays) in Lolita.  I know my sister and my parents have heard me talk about it, but that's different than showing up all fluffy and cute.  We're planning a big surprise party because my mother is retiring--she doesn't even know my sister and I will be there--and I wanted to know people's thoughts on the matter.  I was probably going to wear this beautiful OP made out of this lovely toile; I was going to  leave the pink ostrich plume hair piece at home so as not to over do it.  I have a classic outfit as well, but really, that's not as fun, or fancy, as my rococo OP.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Hello darlings! : ) I was wondering how you girls feel about these styles of socks that this girl posted under sweet loli in the picture. (Don't bite my head off, my computer won't let me use cuts so this is the best I can do, sorry)

I personally think they are cute, but I found places (lolita_handbook, and other which I don't remember) that claim they are not appropriate for lolita what do you think? With summer coming.... I don't know, it looks really tempting.