May 21st, 2010

New blog!

Hello everybody! My name is Valerie and I just recently opened a blog: You Make Me Nostalgic!
So far, I only posted once since it's relatively new, but please check it out and tell me what you think! :3
YMMN isn't primarily focused on Lolita fashion, but I will refer to it VERY often in many of my posts. ♪
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Sick of Taobao questions yet?

Hello there ladies! I figured I'd toss my question into the pile, because after using the search I still don't have an answer to it.

I saw a dress I really like on Taobao a little less than a week ago. Since I have been very busy lately, I bookmarked the page so I could come back at a later time and buy it. Today when I opened the page, the box where you normally input the amount of an item you'd like to buy has been replaced with a new box. Google translated the text as follows:

This baby has the shelf

1: Contact Seller Advisory

2: You can enter the store dispensers

The last statement is a hyperlink that takes me back to the front page of the store (where the dress in question is still being shown for sale). Next to the first statement is a green question mark. When I clicked on it I was taken to a page that was supposed to explain what was going on, but I still don't understand. Does this mean the dress is sold out?

Thank you so much for your time!

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Has anyone got any photos of them (or models, whatever) wearing a square-neck blouse under a jsk?

I know it's been done before at some point, but for the life of me I cannot find anything since my google-fu has failed me and paging through scans of various mags has yielded nothing.

Thanks for any help!
Victoria Martina


In the past couple of years quite a few different styles have boomed, and I’ve noticed that slowly more and more Lolitas are blending different styles with Lolita. Mori-girl style for one has been growing in popularity, so much that it has influenced Lolitas in their styling decisions. Lolitas are coordinating their pretty pettis to take on a mori-spin. These coordinates are quite charming, I’ve seen a couple of lolitas post coordinates that incorporate earthier more neutral tones, fur lined vests, leather boots, and intricate cardigans. Often these coordinates are accessorized with soft knitted goods, forest creature motifs, and vintage accessories. Even hairstyles are done up differently to better encompass a “forest girl” style, all the while these coordinates still maintain a good balance between Mori and Lolita.

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Shiro Loli

Photos needed for Kajonk-a-con Lolita Panel

Hi again!

I'm working on a PowerPoint for a Lolita Panel, and I would like to include some pictures of actual Lolitas in the presentation.

I would go hunting on Daily_Lolita for pictures, but then I'd have to ask every single girl who's picture I'd want to use for permission (I really don’t just want to take an image of a person and use it without thier permission). It's easier to just make one post and ask for pictures of Lolitas to be posted here.

I pictures of need the following styles:


I would like my pictures to be pictures of mostly Western Lolitas, which is why I'm not just Google-searching pictures. I really want to emphasize that Lolita is a fashion for everyone, not just Japanese girls.

(Please keep in mind that your picture may not be used because of the size, file type, or photo quality of the picture. Also, I may not have enough room on the PowerPoint slide to use it.)

Thank you in advance!
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