May 17th, 2010

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The loli side of Sears purses?

I was looking through the Sears website for possible purses/handbags, and while I didn't really find anything my style, I did crack up when I saw these fluffy purses-- they might just be perfect for sweet pony or poodle motifs and at such a low price! If you don't need brand or even offbrand replicas, these might work for you.

milwaukee meetup

Milwaukee Lolita society Meet-up @ Honeypie Bakery and cafe

it was very crowded because there were way more people there than first expected but that made it more fun!
I think the waiter was getting overwhelmed that every few minutes more people showed up. i felt so bad for him.
this was my first time meeting all the milwaukee lolitas and i didn't expect so many!

bunnies!!!! ^-^
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Apologies if someone already posted about AZ, I looked back and didn't see anything. I was wondering if anyone was planning on going to Animazement on the 28th? I haven't looked at the AZ forums yet, but if anyone's going, we should plan a meetup or something! This will be my first time going so I am excited 8)

Aatp wristcuffs/wristcuffs in general

Hey ladies,

I am so confused by my latest purchase of Aatp wristcuffs. Does Baby/Aatp make wristcuffs that are not one size? These wristcuffs I just got in the mail are like 2x the size of my wrist! So nuts! I hope I'm not being delusional. lol. I am a tiny person I would say. I fit in to all the one size AP stuff but why my Aatp's are so huge on me I have no clue. Does Aatp also make ankle cuffs?

Lost and confused.