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The EGL Community
For Gothic & Lolita Fashion
May 16th, 2010 
Not me but AP. XD
The picture below is what my friend took while she was on a trip to Japan.
angelic pretty car

nothing much came up when I tried to search more. All I have is this

* thanks royalscandal for the link!
01:53 am - Yolanda Reviews?
rollback 88
Has anyone bought anything from the Taobao shop Yolanda? I did a search and couldn't find any reviews for them. They have some pretty stuff, but I was wondering if anyone knows what their quality is like.
02:56 am - Full Circle
I recently realized something while going through old photo's of mine. Among all the pictures of me wearing normal kid clothes and awful yellow crisscross school uniforms, there were two outfits I find myself longing for again. Then I realized this: I've gone full circle XD But can you blame me?
Look at these!Collapse )

I own this dress from Bodyline: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct.asp?id=2057&pageNumber=1&pageStop=stop_12&noSubType=N Yes I know, a tacky ita dress, but I really like the bottom half of it, so how do you turn this dress into a skirt? Tips are nice too
Rilakkuma Face
I'm looking for a photo of an OP from an AP lucky pack. I really want to buy it (I has the moneys now!), but I've lost the picture I had of it, so it'd be hard to make a WTB post in the sales community. ;_;

The OP is possibly from the 2009 lucky packs. The one I wanted to buy was pink and white (solid colors - no print), and had bows along the bottom. I'm pretty sure it had detachable sleeves, but this is coming from a girl who can barely remember what she had for breakfast yesterday. XD

I've tried searching the memories, but can't find any photos. If you can help me out, I'll give you a cookie. :D
Greetings, dear EGL!
I would like to show you my lolita timeline 2006-2010.

Click meCollapse )
I was looking at this skirt on mbok: www.mbok.jp/item/item_252299748.html
And when I put it through the translator, it says that the color is dark blue...is that right?  The picture of the skirt looks more brown-ish :/
I would really appreciate it if someone could verify this for me!
Thank you!
Red Rose
So sorry to both you ladies, but I've googled and searched the community, but I can't seem to find this dress.
hopefully this cut worked...Collapse )
mr. newton- water
Howdy guys, I know everyone is sick of these questions, but I was wondering if anyone has bought this Summer breeze cutie chiffon JSK? I was thinking on getting it for the summer, but I wanted to know if anyone has gotten it? Was it made well/comfortable?

Thanks a lot, ladies~
01:48 pm - Shoe Problems

Hello, I have been cyber lurking around egl for the past two years and I decided to use my dilema as an escuse to post : ) I am carrot shaped and my lower body is much smaller than my upper body, with a good petticoat it looks fine but my worries are the shoes. My ankles are very small so when I wear rocking horses or platforms It feels all weird.  With summer coming soon I don't want to wear boots as I usually do.  And heels in my town, bad idea. Any suggestions?  <3
edit: my style(s)  are OTT sweet, gothic and sometimes sweet punk.
Shiro Loli
Kajonk-A-Con 2010
Location:  UT Convention Center, Knoxville, TN, USA
Dates:  November 12th to the 14th
Panel Date: To Be Determined (Most likely the 13th)

First of all, thanks to those who gave advice over on this post. It really helped. I've made and improved a PowerPoint and am attempting to make a brochure or business-card style handouts with helpful links to give to the audience.

But for the real panel experience, I need models for the following styles:


I already have a couple of ladies from over on the Kajonk-A-Con forums who are willing to help out with Boystyle and Casual. So I still need Sweet, Gothic, Classic (I might do this), Shiro, and Kuro. (I might do this if I don't do classic.)

If you think you are interested in modeling one or more of these styles, please leave a comment here!


(x-posted to local communities)
I have a question - where do you get replicas from? (I'm not talking about known brands like Kidsyoyo, Infanta etc, but about less known designers or brands)
Because I heard of people that have replicas of very famous accessories from brands such like Baby or MMM (<3) and I couldn't find page with them :<
Plz help me, and thanks in advance!

I'm searching for a certain artist, her pieces mainly consist of girls in pastel, rococo styled lingerie. Quite a while back someone posted on d_l and outfit she either made or commissioned based on one of her works and that's how i found out about her. I've searched through the d_l ero tag and just about every phrase I could think of here on egl.
Could somebody pleeease help me out here? ;o;

04:13 pm - My big review!
Bleeding hearts

I basically made the bulk of my orders around the blizzard of ’10 (Early/Mid Feb, I live in Baltimore, Maryland). I either have been in constant contact with the people up to this point till the item got to my doorstep or I got the stuff a while ago in Feb….well, except for the Anna House dress, English Charm petti and Putu bag, those I started to get in March. There's not a billion photos (but there are a lot) because I normally don't do reviews but I figured, "eh why not?" If anything is confusing, please comment. Either way, here’s my reviews:

- Double Decker
- Anna House
- GosuRori_Order
- Silversark
- English Charm
- mild_tarantula
- emi-san (Metamorphose group order)

My big review! 8-9 brands and/or services!Collapse )


05:34 pm - Help?
 (I'm so sorry if this isn't allowed)

Does anyone have a larger scan of this?

Hello EGl ^.^
I was wondering if anybody could take a close-up picture of the print of their Iron Gate for me?
I already searched EGL for it, but I couldn't find anything...
Thanks so much, guys!
Hopeless romantic
The Angelic Pretty blog featured the lolified wedding of one of their shop girls this morning. If I can read that correctly she had the bridesmaids wear Memorial Cake. She looks so beautiful! I loooove the giant poofy dress.


The bottom says how she worked there for five years before this retirement and they hope she visits in the future instead as a fan. Awww <3 <3

[Any further/correct translation is appreciated. Free translation sites can only give you the jist]
angelic pretty
I realized that I hadn't posted any art into our main community in ages. So, I felt like posting my most recent piece, in which I dressed a fantasy character in lolita - since I love drawing both I thought it would fun trying to make a mixture of them. So, click to see what kind of a character I chose!
Long story short; my school assignment is to make a fictional collection to which I gaily chose a lolita theme. I made three lolita clothes and now I want some catchy names for them, you know, how brands use to name their clothes/collections.
Onto the clothes!Collapse )
08:21 pm - What I lolified!
This is Twinky-chan!  Lol, she is such a good girl... but she got a little depressed wearing that bow.  Follow the link to see the rest -> www.laphotonet.com/p631405632/h33e32947#h33e32947


gloomy bear
My kitty isn't very...energentic to say the least. mreow mreow Collapse )
lolita 2
Last Monday y friends had a meet in Moscow. I missed it due to my own silliness and heavy traffic, but I need to share the epicness!


a gazillion photos under the cut <3Collapse )
09:18 pm - Guro lolita help
I am helping a friend complete a guro lolita ensemble for a special shoot. We are too afraid to put stains on a brand new dress so we went thrift shopping yesterday. We found a pretty victorian blouse and a skirt for less than $2. Still, our finds are too pretty to put stains on it. D: I was wondering if any of you guys have ideas of putting blood stains on a dress while making sure it can be fixed with a good wash.

Thanks in advance!
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