May 14th, 2010

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I was wanting to order some shoes from QutieLand, but I was wondering about the size.
The shoes are An*tai*na Baby Style Platform Shoes
My shoe size is a 6 1/2 or a 23.5 I was wondering if I should get these shoes run small or big.
Should I get a few centimeters larger than a 23.5 or would they be fine at that size?
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I've been lurking here enough, time to finally get the guts to post. I have a few questions for you lovely ladies (and gentlemen) about my first delves into lolita fashion.

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Thank you all in advance for your advice!

Fanime Fashion Show & Panel reminder

This is just a reminder that hellodolly & I will be hosting an intro to lolita panel at Fanime with a fashion show included.

Don't want to model but do want to come watch the show? Great! :)
*You do need to have a Fanime weekend badge or day pass to attend any panels at Fanime
When: Sunday May 30th
Time: 6pm
Where: Fanime Con in San Jose, Panels room 1: Marriot Salons I & II

Crossposted on egl, ca_egl and my personal journal, so sorry if you see it more than once. <3

We still have a few spots open for models-
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So imagine that you had to let go of all your Lolita. Whatever the reason - money issues, moving, whatever.
And you were only allowed to leave one item, be it an OP or a pair of socks.
What would that be - and why?

I think I'd only leave my pink Tea Parties. My first Lolita dress(es) I already sold and there is no item that has any significant meaning - skirts and dresses, I love them all and wear with equal enjoyment. But I don't think my heart would break if I had to say goodbye. Tea Parties though... I only got them a couple of months ago and worn once. They are, admittedly, not the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever had, but, still, for me they incorporate the very essence of the fashion. I'd save them as memorabilia, to never forget the good times.
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Possibly a Noob question.*Answered* Thank you so much

AI am trying to figure out what the proper name for a certain style of head bow is.
I can't find any pictures and was wondering if maybe you ladies could figure out what I am talking about so I could find some pictures of what I am looking for.
The bow style in question is a head bow with the bottom layer longer and looks as though it is folded or pleated sideways down the head.
Does this make sense?
Thanks for reading!

Thousand Oaks Meetup reminder & general feeler.

Hi guys, posting a general reminder/feeler-post for a meet up in Thousand Oaks that I am conducting. (Location may change if too many cannot make it out this far.)

If you think you'd like to participate, here's the original post. Includes a face book RSVP page, since I'm going to be confirming through both to make double sure, you want to go. :)
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Making Lolita friends?

Hello all! I searched the community, but I didn't see any posts on this subject, so I apologize if there's been previous discussion about this topic.

How many of you have lolita friends, and how did you meet them? Are they people you only see at meetups, or do you hang out on a regular basis?

I'm a solo loli (haha, say that 10x fast), which is, for the most part, fine, but I do sometimes wish I knew other lolitas to hit up forever 21 with, or take photos, things like that. Anyone else in the same boat?
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Potential Lolit-able closet finds?

Hi everyone!

I was going through my skirt drawer late last night and I noticed that I had these. Dunno how I got them but I thought with maybe a few tweaks if needed, they could be incorporated into an outfit. Apologies in advance if the picture qualify is a bit lacking. My regular camera decided it wanted to break itself so I used my old one to take these.

[Edit] Worn pics added!

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