May 13th, 2010

is kawaii an insulting word in lolita?

Have you ever used or been told "kawaii"? Does the word tottaly rub you the wrong way, or just had you saying "WTF was that person thinking?" If so, what did you do? Ignore it? Talk to the person about it, or yell at them?

I haven't really seen a problem with the word, it never offends me. But I did hear of somebody dismissing me for using that word for I used in a title for a lolita meetup, I won't give the details whom this "other" lolita was, but let's just say to be clear that I do realize that lolita has nothing to do with being kawaii.) I'm sure some of you will agree or disagree with me here, but I don't think it's a word that should not be really argued about, actual people who know nothing of lolita have come up to say I look cute.

It is a simple misunderstanding if it is such one, this may be a heated debate, but I guess I could use some clarification about how to go about saying kawaii to aword that lolita like to use best and prefer said. Does everyone know what I'm trying to say here? I'm so confused.

Lolita Charm & Anime Expo

...This is not about the blog.

Being pysched for Anime Expo (aka my ideal "mall"), I was looking through the list of current exhibitors that are going to set up shop and I saw Lolita Charm listed. O_o?

Does anyone know about them? Do they have a webshop? More importantly are they any good? I've searched it and nothing relevant came up. Also, are any of you going to have a booth at AX this year?

Thanks much!

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k-on, yui

AnimeNEXT Lolita Picnic

I had read in the comm about a girl who used to organize lolita picnics at the AnimeNEXT con (June 18th-20th at the Garden State Expo Center in Somerset), but she said that she has moved and doesn't know if there is one planned for this year.  Does anyone know if there is going to be a meetup there?  I'm staying at a hotel for the weekend of the convention, and it would be great to meet other lolis there!  I have posted this on nj_loli, and no one seems to know if there is going to be one and have offered to help plan one.  I'm extremely new to meetups and wouldn't trust myself with planning one.

If anyone has any information, it would be extremely helpful!

Lolita Dress Design

Hello, I've been in love with the Lolita fashion for quite some time and have recently taken a much more active interest and decided to join the egl community! I really hope to learn a lot from the more experienced people here, so please give me lots of constructive criticism (a.k.a. criticism I can understand and work with)!

I really love drawing Lolita dresses. Now, I'm beginning to gather up a little more courage to see what people think about my designs so... Here it is! (The pic is BIG, but due to technical reasons I can't really make it smaller right now without making the drawing worse. Which is also why I wasn't able to actually color it... Sigh...)

I honestly have no idea if there is a similar design like this somewhere. As far as I know, I haven't seen a dress like this, but... Meh.

Anyway, I was thinking it would look good using black (the dark shaded areas and all the ribbons except the one on the beret, but the lace on the beret is black), white (the socks and sleeves of the dress), and a slightly darker shade of red (majority of the dress and the ribbon on the beret). The socks are more or less just plain white socks with a sort of 'choking' ribbon around the end. I myself have a lot of trouble keeping socks in place so I thought that was a pretty nice feature to have. By the 'changable' (yes, I spelled this wrong) label on my sock I mean it would be nice to have your own initials embroidered on the sock like that, hence the use of 'SL' which are my initials.

I think I've read somewhere that the really thick lace, like the one I used in my dress, tends to look very cheap but I thought it suited the dress nicely. What do you think? Is the thick lace not a good idea after all? Maybe a different color co-ordination would be better? I want to hear some general to specific opinions and/or criticism on the design so I can improve for my next drawings.
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Geo Lense Problem

Hello :) I bought geo lenses a couple months ago but I just cannot get them in right. I looked throughout all the videos and the websites to figure out how to put them in but it doesn't help me. I know that they are authentic for sure but every time I put them in  my eyes start watering like crazy and it hurts like someone poked my eye hardly even though I don't poke it.  Can you tewll me how to correctly put them ion or what will solve my problem?
I'm sorry if this is too much OT but this is the only place I can think of asking. Mods feel free to delete if necessary.
Thank you
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Wig questions

My boyfriend is going to wear a aristocrat outfit by mainly alice and the pirates and moi meme moitie, I was wondering, those who have done similar looks, have you gone with wigs or your own hair styled? This may seem like a pointless post but I'm interested to which he should go for. He doesn't want his pictures posted here, but if its needed I'll beg him ^^
He hasn't worn a wig before. His hair is long and dark red; but it gets greasy quickly and it is naturally curly. He chemically straightens it normally. I was just wondering what would look most professional? I always use my own hair, but hes just wondering if it would be better. I'll remove this post if its OT. Any advice would be great. Sorry I don't word things perfectly.. during writing this my brother was bothering me about why I'm vegetarian... OTL

Montreal RHS =/= Rain?

I ordered a pair of RHS by Montreal, and they aren't made with wood, it's foam;
It's been few weeks that it's raining, here, in my city, and I wanted to know, can I walk with this RHS if it's raining? The water won't damage the foam? :S

Thank you!

Lolita Prom?

I don't know how many members of this community are even in high school, or were when they started lolita, but as Prom was originally going to be my Lolita debut, I was wondering how you handled it.
Personally, for economic and lack-of-sewing-maching reasons, I won't be wearing Lolita on prom, even though I managed to rig (did i say that out loud?) our prom theme to be "A Night In Tokyo," which was my dream theme. 
I was going to wear an adaptation of my dream dress, the A-line Mary Magdelene example on Lolita Fashion, but never got enough hours to buy a sewing machine or the materials i needed to sew it.  Instead I am wearing a somewhat lolita-esque dress, but shinier, princessy in the same way that it is edgy, a concept  which in my opinion captures the essence of Japanese style... or the parts I like, at least.
EDIT: this is the dress.  i realize that it is not at all lolita wearable, but the skirt reminds me of my favorite lolita dresses in shape, and draws attention to my girly waist.

Also, apologies for the Paper Towns-esque capitalization-- I can't decide what should and shouldn't be capitalized!
Shiro Loli

Lolita Panel help?

First, a little back-story...

Kajonk-a-con is small-to medium sized convention in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, where I live. For last year’s convention, I had suggested a Lolita Panel be held. They asked if I was willing to do it, but it was too close to the con to really plan anything. What little plans we had fell apart in our hands for this reason. It didn’t help that I got sick on the weekend of the con too -_-

But just the other day I got an email from the Panel Coordinator of Kajonk-a-con. She asked me if I was interested in the panel once again, since I had plenty of time to do it this round (The con is in November). I accepted.

The problem is, I know next to nothing about hosting panels. I’ve been to a few, so I know how it generally works, but I know nothing of what goes on ‘behind the scenes’.

So has anyone here held a Lolita panel? What kind of advice can you give me? Tips? Do and don’ts? Horror stories would be nice too, so I know what to avoid >_>

Thanks in advance!

Before you ask, no, neither I nor the Panel Coordinator have been able to find anyone else for the job. There IS the cosplay company that held the first Lolita Panel at Kajonk-a-con. But that was a cosplay company, and they didn't do very well (I was there). Besides, from what I heard, they’re not willing to host it again. I think everyone wants more accurate panel this time.
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New Lolita Help?

I'd like to start out by saying hi!  I'm Courtney, I'm a freshman in high school and I live in the mid-western US.  I've been following the lolita fashion since around mid 2008.  Pleased to meet you!!

Now, onto the real stuff~!!

After a good long time of lurking in all those pretty, frilly shops and lacing myself into and out of a few fashion choices, I'm ready to take the lolita plunge.  While I am very unreliable when it comes to sticking to a fashion choice (manba phase flashback!!  D=), I have watching the fashion grow for quite a while now and I'm excited.  Unfortunately so excited that I got sick adn was unable to sleep so I took to bed the past three days.  =(  Anyhow, now I need help!  I have a few key things in mind and I need opinions and recommendations.
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