May 12th, 2010


Hey egl! I was wondering if anyone can direct me to good mori+lolita looks. I am trying to coordinate looks together for a fashion project and I'm having a hard time. HAAALLLP :)

edit: please note that I have already looked at the cgl via 4chan and google pictures but I still would like more variety.

Thanks for reading!

Meetup Question

Hi everyone, I have a question for the comm. Is it alright to not wear lolita to a meetup? A-Kon is coming up and it looks like I am not going to be able to wear lolita this year since I am cosplaying on Friday and wearing a yukata on Saturday. I want to go in loli, but I am thinking it isn't worth changing out of my yukata for the meetup then going and putting it back on.

I searched the comm for an answer and I didn't really get anything.
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Moi même moitié's print prices

 Hello EGL,

This is a little post just for fun and out of curiosity. Since I'm planning on acquiring quite a few of those dresses, it would give me a good idea about how much money I have to save.
I would like to know what the average sale price for those dresses are (jsk or op prices).
If I forgot any prints, please let me know and I'll add them to the post as soon as I can.

Thank you for your help
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Looking for information about the German Loli Community!

I'm a university student from Sydney, Australia and I'm studying German at the moment. I have to write a speech for my class and I was thinking it would be wonderful if I could write about the lolita community in Germany/Austria/Switzerland. Thing is, I don't know where to start looking for information.

Is there a community here that specifically caters towards German Lolitas, if not, is there anybody here willing to speak with me and tell me what it's like to be a German loli? I would be ever so grateful!

Danke schön~~ ♥

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WIG: recommendation for thick wig & other questions

I am looking to buy my first wig.  I've looked up a lot of the tutorials in the memories (how to care for wigs, store them, wig caps, etc), but here's the dilemma:  I would like a wig that is thick enough at the top that I can wear large hairbows / head accessories without looking silly.  I have a small head and thin hair and usually can only wear some small pins in my hair without looking silly.  So I'm hoping that a wig that is thick at the scalp can solve this problem.

So basically, I am looking for recommendations for a very thick wig.   
I'd also like to add that I have been looking for wigs that have thick bangs and are curly to give that "thick" appearance, but it's been hard to tell from the official pictures on sites.  I've looked at a lot of reviews on the community for wigs, but very few of them mention the thickness of the wig or show it in action with hair accessories. 

I'm also a natural brunette, so I think I should stick to dark brown wigs but don't want any dark accessories to blend in.  I'm also on a budget and can't really afford an 80 USD wig at the moment.  I've always found responses to my newbie questions to be very helpful and welcome any replies and contributions.  Thank you!
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QutieLand Shopping for Rose Melody: Size experience?

So I'm thinking about ordering the Rose Melody Rosa Crucifix Corset Skirt Set and I'd need to order it in Tailor Make (Oversize). Has anyone ordered this set (or even any of the other Rose Melody items) how is the sizing? How was the communication/customer service? Any tips or suggestions when giving measurements?

I'm tall, have a long torso, and am plus sized so I need to make sure I don't end up with a outfit that's too short, small, or just looks weird >.<
(Sorry if this is in the memories somewhere, when I checked I couldn't find it)
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Baby's navy JSK?

I was reading watching the lovely outfits in the Alice Deco Spring 2010 magazine and came across this navy blue JSK from Baby. I don't recall having seen it before, and I couldn't find it on their website, so I'd really appreciate if any of you can give me some info on the dress: name, stock pics, measurements, anything is welcome!

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Mini price update

I ordered a pair of vivienne westwood RHS this week (from the London flagship store) - I thought people may appreciate a cost update! - as I was looking for the price recently but couldnt find one.
They cost £345.00
You can still choose the colours and leather
EDIT  But not the wood - the manufacturer only does one type - and they come varnished so you dont have to worry about them warping in rain / puddles.

They didnt take a mould of my feet which I think in the past people said they did?
but its not an issue for me as my feet fit uk sizes fine.
Postage / delivery was £15.00 ( as I dont want to trek to london to pick them up.)
Staff were friendly polite etc..
that is all :)
On second thoughts I could have always of rung up to ask what they cost now - doh.

medium/large usakumya questions..

hi everyone this is my first post here^^
i was just wondering if anyone has the medium and large sized usakumya bag how tall is it and if you bought it in the store how much did it cost?
i wanted to look for it on the sales comm but i didnt want to sugest a price without first knowing how much it costed origionally..
 thank you for any answers you give me ^^
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I'd like to ask a question and hopefully somebody of you will have an answer to satisfies my desires. ^.^
I was wondering, if the Asuka here is wearing a dress from an well known brand like btssb or something like that, 'cause it's counterpart ( a Rei) is wearing a dress from the band before mentioned.
I would be very glad if someone had an answer, thank you all in advance,


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AMNH planetarium NYC meetup - cancelled [read if you were going to come]

I'm cancelling this meetup because only about two people were certain they would come, and I thought it would be better if we either moved this meetup and went to the American Museum of Natural History/planetarium some other time, or just had a different meetup sometime in June, like karaoke. Another reason I'm cancelling is that there are two meetups happening around the same time - the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory meetup and the Japan Day in Central Park meets.

I think we should definitely have a karaoke meetup, though! Please feel free to add any suggestions.

Bodyline order problems

Hello everyone,

I’m fairly new to Lolita and the community. I’m still trying to build up my wardrobe and I’ve heard some good reviews about Bodyline. So I’ve placed an order with them, but I’ve ran across some problems and wanted to know if anyone else has had any similar issues.

I placed my order and paid with PayPal on 05/02/10 and got an email the same day stating 

[Payment Method] PayPal
DHL package will be received on 2010-05-07
DHL Tracking NO. and URL will email you in next business day.

The email also listed all the items on my order and my mailing address. Then stated
Items in this order will be shipped within 1-2 days

I never received an email from DHL with my tracking number. I have still not received my order and the email stated I should have received it on 05/07/10. They took the money out of my paypal account the same day I placed the order so I’ve already paid for it. On 05/10/07 I still had not received anything so I contacted DHL trying to track my order. There was nothing that was scheduled to be delivered to my address. So I tried replying to the email from Bodyline asking for information regarding my package or a tracking number for my order and received the following response.

Please tell me your order with high numbers

When I went to reference the original email for an order number there is none. So I responded explaining there was no order number sent to me, but I gave them the PayPal Invoice ID and Transaction ID. I have not received a response from them yet and I’m getting very nervous because this is my first time ordering from this website and am not sure what to expect. If anyone has had any similar experiences please let me know what I should do next.

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