May 11th, 2010

The Sweet Seamstress

A Guide to Understanding Fabric Grain

This is Part Two in a series pertaining to Quality Sewing, starting with some basics and slowly working on up.

Part One: "How Do You Measure Up?" A 'How To' on obtaining accurate measurements for sewing, commissioning, and buying


"What Do Vegetarian Zombies Eat?"
A Guide to Understanding and Working With Fabric Grain

When you put together a garment that's been cut off-grain, any stitching on the garment can make the whole thing look wrong, regardless of whether it's been stitched correctly or not.
But, what exactly is the grain? How can we avoid cutting fabrics off-grain? How do we fix a fabric that's been warped?

What is "the grain?"
Grain, or grain-line, refers to the orientation of the yarns in a woven fabric.
In a weaving loom, the “warp yarns” run front-to-back to form your lengthwise grain (aka: “straight grain”).
The “weft yarns” (perpendicular to the selvage) are woven from side to side, through the warp yarns, and form your crosswise grain (aka: "cross-grain").
These should be perfectly perpendicular to each other when in the loom.

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Meta coat request

Does anyone have a photo of a real person wearing this coat (pref. in pink or white)?


(Sorry, I know these posts are obnoxious, but I'd like to see more of it before I think about purchasing this coat.)

Meta sale?

 I noticed that Metamorphose cleared out their sale section. Of course, most of it was sold out anyway. Does anyone know if they will have another big sale? I think the last one was sometime in spring? Or was it summer?