May 10th, 2010


Usakumya Yukata in yellow?

I checked the memories to no avail, but please let me know if this has already been requested.

On the back of a recent issue of Cosmode (or a similar cosplay magazine) is a full page ad for the Baby Usakumya yukata in yellow. Does anyone happen to have a scan of the ad, or any additional photos of the yukata in yellow?


try again tinychat?

Not too sure if anyone is still interested in doing this, but I thought about making another tinychat if anyone is interested. Here is the link if anyone would like to try chatting again. I had alot of fun on the last one, and I hope we can all try it again sometime.
Hope this time is better.

also, mods if this is not appropriate then please just delete it. Thank you.
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Sick of Alice!

I am sick to death of Alice in Wonderland themed stuff. What other books/stories would you like to see get more use/recognition in the Lolita community, in both art, fabric prints and general recognition? I'd love to see a Secret Garden or Little Princess themed print if there hasn't been one already. Also... Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, The Snow Queen, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, The Velveteen Rabbit, A Midsummer Night's Dream and maybe a King Arthur/Camelot theme. And really gothic prints based on The Juniper Tree and Bluebeard might be totally awesome for the spooky lolis around here.

So what books and stories would you use in a lolita motif?