May 9th, 2010

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Help! I can't decide!(Bodyline dresses)*Decided! Thanks everyone! ^.^

Hi everyone!
So, I was recently thinking of ordering a new dress from bodyline, but I'm being a bit indecisive about which one to get. I've narrowed it down to three that I really like, and was wondering if anyone has picture of them being worn/has seen them worn and can tell me about the quality of them.



*It was tough but I just ordered the third one in blue. Next time I get a chance I think I'm going to get the first one in white. ^.^ 


A (classical) lolified home

I hope this post is not really "off" just because it's missing the usual OTT sweet accents. I think I was a lolita in my heart long long time before I started to dress like this. I'm living in my apartment for about three years now, and I tried to make it as feminine and classical as possible - but I'm not living here alone, and I don't want to force my boyfriend into a pink marshmallow nightmare :)

Wellcome to my home! Come and have a look :)

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Coordinate help!


Well, I have a small problem. My junior prom is on Friday (whoooo!), and I'm wearing Lolita. The problem is, I don't know what to do with my hair or what type of jewelry I should wear! D:

I'm wearing this dress
These shoes
And a black purse with roses that matches the shoes.

:/ What should I do? Here's a picture of me for reference (

EDIT: I have the red version of the dress.

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Solved!~ Thanks all! Ill keep up for reference sake?

I was looking on the mori-girl tumblr, and I saw the gem below. Even though it was from that blog, I had a feeling that I would get more results here, it looks more lolita to me
So....has anyone seen this? And if it's handmade, have you seen the fabric? I would love a baggette skirt!

And, I have been looking for hats like that for awhile, but don't really know what Im looking for? Does anyone have any sources?

Thank you!

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Heya everyone.

So here's my problem. I got a milky chan plastic bracelet a while ago and it arrived broke ( you may of seen the post). I managed to repair it and for a long time it was great. However since then, its broke several more times (where i glued it wont stay stuck any longer =[). This is my thought; i wanted to take the deer off and make it into a necklase. Now a) What do you guys think of this? Should i continue in trying to repair him? and b) if i wanted to make him into a necklace, any one know how would i actually go about doing this?

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thankies =]
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Illustrations by Yoh (妖)

I had a question for you girls~~ Where would I be able to find Yoh's artwork? I have searched the memories, history, and websites like flikr and photobucket, but to no avail, I can't find any =.=' I am specially looking for this one, but any would do~ ^_^ Thanks in advance!!
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