May 8th, 2010

Items missing from AP package

Dear egl,
So I recently paid for an AP package that was supposed to contain:
3 pairs of socks
an alice band
and a jumper skirt.

Upon receiving the shipping invoice I thought the cost was a little low considering it was via EMS and there was a jumper skirt that was supposed to be in the package. It was only 2150 yen. I'm used to paying much more.

When I received the package, guess what was missing? The Jumper skirt -_-;

Have you girls had any problems like this before? If so, what did you do? I know AP's communication isn't the best...and i'm worried they'll think I'm lying or something since the invoice received with the package stated that the jumper skirt should have been in there.

Thank you for any help you offer!
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Bleeding hearts

Purchasing sold-out reserves (BTSSB)

I was trying to reserve the navy blue Masquerade Theater jsk that Baby has but they said that it was sold out (or I think it said it was sold out, my Japanese isn't up to par). I never have done reserves before and I never purchased from BTSSB before either so I am wondering, if the reserved spots are all gone, does this mean I have little to no chance getting the dress from the online store when it comes out?

(no subject)

I'm doing a simple overview of lolita fashion for school, and I wanted to use more photos of normal girls wearing lolita instead of magazine photos. I want to show a variety of people who like lolita. So I would appreciate it if any of your let me use a picture of yourself. It can be a picture from a photoshoot or something more casual.

I'm mainly looking for sweet, gothic, classic, ott sweet and punk. Thank you for reading!
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Jewel Butterfly

Did anybody receive invoice for Meta's Jewel Butterfly series?
I saw they put up the skirt from the series to their online store and I was wondering if the invoices had already been sent out and I missed mine. =___=;;
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Seaside/sailor/marine prints?

As summer is approaching, I was wondering what seaside/sailor/marine prints were out there. I know about a couple of the meta prints (the tri-colored marine print and the meta marine stripe), but that's about it, and I'm looking for some inspiration. So post your favorite beach/ocean related prints!