May 7th, 2010


Nail Deco?

Hi. I checked the memories and used the search function but couldn't really find what i was looking for.

A know a lot of Loli's on here to do Nail Deco, my question is this. What kind of glue do you girls use to keep the actual deco parts on the nail? Like not the nail itself, i need a glue that will keep the deco parts on my nail and I can't really find any good sites that will tell me.

If you could help me that would be great ♥

Mods if i did this wrong please tell me? ♥♥♥♥

Taobao questions

I used the egl search and checked the memories, but couldn't find anything about my question. Anyone know if the lolita shops in Taobao has a real walk-in store in China? I'm going to Hong Kong and China this summer, and would really like to buy some lolita while I'm there. I already know that there is some shops in Mongkok in Hong Kong, but what about the rest of China?

And since I'm already asking, it seems like most of the SS in the Taobao shop and shopping services list don't take any new orders. Could someone please recommend me a good shopping service?


(Oh btw, I'm sorry if my english is bad)
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Gothic & Lolita manga collaboration anyone?

Evalai & Violavai- "Tea or Wine?"

So I've been thinking for a long time:
why not take two things I love- Drawing manga, and Gothic & Lolita fashion, and put them together?

My predicament lies in the fact that I am decent in creating character designs, but not so gifted in developing cohesive, believable storylines that flow well. I have difficulty in separating myself enough from the characters that they take on their own forms and lives, thus creating a world around them through their interactions with others.

Anyone up for a good challenge?

Please give my characters a look and tell me what comes to mind.
-Where did they come from (how were they brought up)?
-What motivates each of them?
-Where are they residing now, and why?
-What does their personal sense of fashion say about their character or things they enjoy?
-What are their views on the world/others around them?
...and anything additional that may come to mind.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! :D
Apologies, I still need to go back in and clean it up, color, etc.
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Have YOU requested a feedback page?

OK so i am positive by now you are sick of hearing about it, but I'm also positive some people still don't know that the loligothDBS feedback site no longer exists! Please, everyone who hasn't, request a feedback page on EGL's new feedback community. Now is the time for EVERYONE to request a page, current transaction or not. Remember, from May the 30th onwards we will require a feedback page on this website for posts on EGL_comm_sales so it's vital you make a request as soon as you can. The A-Z lists should be updated soon as well.

I'd also like to say a big thank you to everyone for being so patient and understanding with this. We're now approaching 1000 feedback pages which is fantastic! We understand the process is not exactly smooth at times, so please let us know if something has gone awry.

And finally I think a massive thank you is due for the mod team involved in this (which isn't me! haha) Mainly laviefantasque and oh_tralala for setting up and organizing the entire feedback community/process. Thank you to all the mods for their work, and to our new mods for coping so well whilst still being relatively new to the job! :D