May 6th, 2010


Make up tutorial

Hey ^__^
That's my make up tutorial. It can be used for different styles.
It's some kind of smoky eyes :З

I'm so sorry for my english. I'm from Russia, you know ^_~

*The face was cleared and moisted before making up.

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Sone Gyaru - nail art

About Fairy-Angel...

I bought a dress and a bracelet from them on the 25th of april, the following day I received an e-mail with my order confirmation as well as instructions on how to pay for my items, I paid the same day (the 26th of april). Since then, nothing! I never got a confirmation from Fairy-Angel that they had received my payment (although PayPal states firmly that they have) nor any indication of them having shipped my items.

So now I'm a bit worried, is this sort of thing common? I really don't want my money to have gotten lost in the system or something, and their inability to speak English is a little... bothersome. I don't want to come off as being hysterical or something.

Arkansas lolitas?

I'm going to be spending the summer with my grandparents in Arkansas (I'm from North Carolina), and I was just wondering if there are any Arkansas Lolita's here that maybe I could meet up with. I looked on the centre_loli comm to maybe post there, but it seems pretty dead. I would be willing to meet with any lolitas from the surrounding states, but be aware that my grandparents are located not far from Fayetteville, which is in the northwestern corner of Arkansas. Would anyone be willing to meet with me?

(Official meet up post has been posted to EGL. Please take a look!)
The Sweet Seamstress

"How Do You Measure Up?" : A 'How to' on obtaining accurate measurements

I wrote this roughly a year ago, along with a few other articles pertaining to Quality Sewing-- aimed at the sew-ers of the frilled community, and in some cases, their clients.
Since one of the recent concerns with commissioners has been quality, I think it's about time to finally share them. Starting off with one of the most basic issues: Measurements


"How Do You Measure Up?"
A 'How To' on obtaining accurate measurements for sewing, commissioning, and buying

The first step in sewing, whether you are making garments for yourself, for a friend, or professionally, is starting off with a complete and accurate set of measurements. This is also important if you are having anything made for you, and even the most basic measurements are a must in buying Lolita online.

Items that you will need are:
  • a flexible but sturdy measuring tape (you should be able to find this anywhere that sells sewing supplies)
  • a short necklace to find your neckline.

Items that are recommended are:
  • a piece of elastic large enough to tie around your waist
  • a washable marker
  • small stickers, and/or pins to mark reference points as you work
  • a friend to help

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A blog for my brand

 I have revamped my selling blog into a blog for my brand Lily of the Valley.  While you can still buy the Admiral Tricorn hats and Regent hats there; it also has a progress page for my current customers.  I will also be posting info and sneak peeks of future lines, announcements of new tutorials and couture pieces posted on the website and other goodies.

So please visit the blog and add it!

There are also two new tutorials on the Lily of the Valley website.  One for candying flowers (darn! missed the theme by a few days!), and one for making fancy Victorian style cards.  
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In addition to all of this XD  I am looking for photos!  If you have bought an "Admiral Tricorn Hat" I would love to have a photo of your beautiful self wearing it so that I can make a customer's gallery on my blog! 

Also if you have used one of the tutorials on my site I would love photographs of your results because I want to have gallery for that on my website as well!

Please either post them here or send them to my e-mail with the name you prefer. 

Thank you!

Lolita Dorm rooms?

 After a year of commuting from home to college, i've decided that I will be living in my school's dorms next year. Since my parents don't overly approve of lolita, I figured my dorm room could have more lolita influences than my room at home. Have any of you girls (or guys) decorated your dorms to show your love for all things frilly?

I know there have been a lot of posts about lolita rooms, but I'm more interested in dorm rooms because of the rules- no painting the walls, etc. I know i'm living in a single, so I can do whatever pleases me to decorate within the rules. xD

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Parasols-- where to buy?

I have a great interest in lolita, but never see myself in lolita clothing more than once in a blue moon.  That said, I've taken a great interest in parasols, and am wondering where to buy one?  I'm looking for a black parasol, but one that wont fade from actual exposure to the sun, and rather than risk a shot-in-the-dark approach, would like your opinions and experience to find the best one for a reasonable price without using any sort of service to get the parasol into the states.
In case any of you were wondering, my style is developing into a whole mess of black clothing, often with excessive zippers/chains.  I have a moto jacket with lace, which i suppose would be permissable casual loli if ever i bought a skirt, and wear it regularly.  I'm looking for a lacey, Loli-style parasol to protect me from the cancer-inducing rays of the sun.  Ideas?

Themes for May and new artwork!

OK, so I was little slow posting the new themes n_n but I'm sure some of you noticed the new artwork a little while ago! Artwork this month is by xmordecaix ~ you can see more of their work on their DeviantArt. Thank you very much to everyone who submitted artwork last month, it was certainly a close poll this time around! If you're interested in submitting artwork for EGL's banner please check out This post. Remember, artwork does not have to be of our mascot any more so let your creative side show :D

And so, with our new artwork comes some new themes. (Remember, theme based posts do not need to include both of the themes, and not all community posts have to be on theme. The themes are just to give people inspiration and excuses to post!)  

The General Theme for May is What have you lolified?
Deco'd your DS? Beautified your room? Put a headbow on your cat? This is your month! Feel free to interpret this theme however you like, whether it be your lifestyle you've lolified or your parents.

The Aesthetic Theme for May is Go big or go home!
Inspired by the lovely large locks of this months artwork, this month we want you to TAKE IT LARGE. With your hair, bonnets, dresses or completely OTT photoshoots. Cover yourself in bows and take a photo. JUST MAKE THEM BIG.