May 5th, 2010

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Great find at Anthropologie, but now how to coord it.... I've made some progress, just need purse and shoe advice mainly.... Pictures below as well as commentary on the dress and event i'm wearing it to :)

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Coordination Advice for relatively new lolita

Hello, fellow Lolita. ^^

I've been a lolita for just under a year now, and I would like your advice on a certain area I have trouble with: coordination.

I've never been very good at matching outfits. I have pictures of past attemptsCollapse ) " />

These pieces are all Bodyline, with the exception of the jacket (which is an off-brand from South Africa) in the red skirt pictures and the shoes (which are Be Wild! Mary Janes). I plan to branch out to other brands pretty soon. I really love that skirt, but I have no idea what kind of top to wear with it. The top I'm wearing with it was actually borrowed from another multi-piece outfit I have in my closet. I have a black ruffled top I've tried wearing with it, but it looked silly. The one in the picture is the closest match I had. I'd like to buy a nice white top or something to go with the skirt. Also, I don't have many accessories (for bracelets, I have an opal one with white beads attached, and a cute silver charm bracelet, and one or two elegant little silver necklaces)

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks a lot!
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Quick Question about BTSSB Out of Stock Items

 I know that for Meta if there is an item on the website that says sold out you can email them and ask if they can check and see if they have the item instock in any of their stores (which they will sell to you). Does anyone know if this is also applicable to Baby as well? Thanks in advance !
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Chikage has a band??

The other day I was cruising on the web and found a link to this band from Chikage's blog, Tokyo DOLLS. She does vocals! I always thought she was a cute model so I'm dying to hear her music, but information seems to be scant on them. Does anybody have any information on them? Seen them live?

Comm Question

Good morning lolis; this may seem like a random question but does anyone know what's going on over at:

I was reading through LJ this morning and popped on over to lolitaoutfits to get some ideas and was met with a (squishy) surprise. Don't click if you're squeamish... Just wondering if anyone knew what was up...?

(feel free to delete if this is totally OT or anything)

Gothic Lolita Bible Patterns?

I have a question about the patterns in the Bibles, and I wanted to ask all of you lovely people what you think! Are the Bible's patterns for private use only? I am not thinking of mass producing them, but I am thinking of making 2 or 3 of something from patterns, keeping one and selling the others. What is your opinion on this? Is there a disclaimer in the Bibles not to produce to sell? Thanks for reading!
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Brand Store Windows?

Hey all.

I'm not sure if I can really get anything out of this, but after a search around google and through the egl search, I have only come up with two images so far, one being the window of Black Peace Now, one being the window for Monomania.

Basically, in any form, any style, I'm currently looking for brand window displays for inspiration for my upcoming show.

Is there anyone that will have absolutely any images around, please?


Has anyone heard of Trash Lolita Clothing?

Here's a link to their Facebook .

I don't know how long they have been around. As stated on their page, they finally made their way over to FB. They have a myspace, but my laptop doesn't like that site. (lol~) I've been scrolling through some of the pictures of the dresses they have out, and I must say, they look really short to me. :< Maybe its the angle of the camera or the poses, who knows. But the back of my mind is screaming that maybe they're focusing on the childish, sexual deviant side of lolita(of which i had to explain to a lot of people the differences this past Sakura Matsuri). .__.;

What do you guys think? Sorry if it sounds like I'm rambling, just seeing that page kind of rubbed me the wrong way. ^ ^;

Calling Cards? What?

If this has been posted to the memories already feel free to just delete this, but I searched through them and didn't seem to find anything, sooo...

I have a question (this is also my first post to EGL - go me! XD): I've been hearing a lot about calling cards, and I was wondering since I'm a n00blita what this was all about. What is a calling card? Do all Lolitas have them? Why should all Lolitas have them?

Thanks for taking the time to read this! ^_^
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Updated Commissioning Tips 2.0?

I made this post about a month and a half ago: with tips for buyers / commissioners when negotiating or engaging in a commission. In light of all the recent events, I figured it might be a good time to get this post updated. So, everyone, please take a look at that post and add all your comments / tips to it. I will then combine it and hopefully it can get added to the memories.

A-kon 21 lolita meetup? Who's attending the convention?

-A-kon 21 in Dallas, Texas-
.June 4th-6th.

I did a search and found no information, so I was wondering if anyone had set up a lolita meetup for this years A-kon anime convention in Dallas.

If not, is anyone interested in having one? I know there are usually quite a few lolitas there, and we don't have to do a giant sweaty walk to the aquarium like last year. Maybe just a gathering at the hotel, or a 5-10 minute walk to Starbucks for some mingling.

Either way, I'd love to see what you guys have to say and who's going to the convention. I'll be wearing lolita at least one day of the convention (pretty much whenever I'm not in cosplay).


tips for the super-short lolita?

Hi everyone! After watching me wear lolita style for about a year now, my little sister has decided that she would like to get into the fashion as well. The only problem is, she's 4'9 tall (about 150 cm for European lolitas). She's not super petite or anything, more like average sized (with D-cups), so tinier brands wouldn't necessarily be the solution.

I'm 5'2 myself and already have dresses that are too long on me, so I want to make sure that her first items are a good length. So, I'd love to hear any recommendations from lolitas of a similar height - which dresses/skirts are nearest to knee length (slightly below is fine but nothing touching the floor please!), and any other tips you might have for her!