May 3rd, 2010


AP problems

I am beginning to worry myself sick over an AP order I made 4 weeks ago. I have ordered from AP on more than a few separate occasions and the longest it took for me to get a shipping invoice was eight days after the first invoice. It only took two days for the first invoice letting me know my items where in stock, and I paid immediately. Does anyone know why the sudden delay for shipping within Japan? Surely the Europe event hasn't effected shipping within Japan from one store to another. I do not live in Europe either, but that is not even a problem seeing as I haven't even gotten an invoice yet. Is anyone else having these problems. Do you know why it is taking so long? I know I shouldn't be worried but I spent a lot of money so it is making me severely nervous. Please let me know. Thanks~
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Dyeing lolita

Hey egl!

I plan on dyeing a very light pink dress (the pink colourway of Princess Drop, to be exact) to a burgundy red colour, like this:

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I've searched for information (on egl and the rest of the internet at large) about dyeing dresses and lace. But I'm not experienced with these matters and need to ask a few things:-

What material are BTSSB dresses usually made from? (Cotton is my guess)?
How will the lace respond? Is it likely to take the dye equally, less than the fabric, or not at all?
What dye do you reccommend?
Any tips so I don't botch this job? ^_^;

Thank you for the help!
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Promo shot from the Hello Kitty Three Apples Fashion Show

Hello All,

I thought I’d share a promo image from the Hello Kitty Three Apples Fashion Show last year.

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Model: Wednesday Mourning
Wardobe: Pink Macaroon
Necklace: Sugar Mafia
Client: Sanrio

Please note: I’m not an EGL model, so please be gentle. :)
(I’m actually a super spooky gothic model, which is why I think the girls over at JapanLA thought it would be cute to pink me up.) Yikes!!

EDIT: Sorry for not posting a pic of the whole outfit, I did not get a promo one of that.
But here is a backstage shot of the group of us, I'm second to left.  
And here is an animated GIF showing the full dress:  I find this amusing:)

Oh - just got some full length dress shots from Sarah Ruth at Pink Macaroon:
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Loli nails!

Some time ago I was browsing some Japanese blogs and I was struck by the nails one girl made to suit her outfit. Then I remembered how one of my friends recently graduated from a nail design course.

So I contacted her about commissioning some print nails xDD;;

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Do you guys usually wear any special nails when you dress up in Loli? Pictures? :D
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Dumb Question About Sales Comm Rules...

Please forgive me for this silly question, but I was just wondering. I made a WTB post the other day and want to make a DS post now, but I recall the four day gap rule in the sales comm rules.

"You may only post once every FOUR days.
You may only make one "buying" and one "selling" post in a given four day period. Once you make any type of post, you may not repost with a post of the same type for a minimum of four days. You may link back to your older posts at the bottom of your new post, but you may only use a short and simple text link."

Just want to double check as the verbage was slightly unclear to me (being the daft person that I am =x). Does this mean one is allowed to make posts of a different type (WTB, DS) within four days of one another? The rule said 'you may not repost with a post of the same type' so I wanted to be clear before I tried submitting a DS post because I assumed that meant different types of posts within a four day window is allowed.

Thanks so much for the help, and sorry for the silly question!