May 2nd, 2010

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Lolita Cake Wrecks

 I hadn't yet seen anyone post about it, so I thought I would give everyone the heads up.rhine_undine l 's Moitie Iron Gate print cake was featured on Cake Wrecks' Sunday Sweets today! Post can be found here:, with original egl post here:  Enjoy!

Edited to give credit where credit is due.
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Negative Review for HarajukuHot, and help please?

Okay, so a while ago, I asked about buying Harajuku Hot and nobody could say that they bought from they;re. I didn't want their clothes (can you say, hideous?), I wanted their really cheap black parasols. They were cheap, even with shipping, only $37.00. So I decided to go out on a limb and buy from them.

It's been over 3 months later, and I have received ZIP. Nothing. Nada. I started asking doubting them about after one month. Before, I just thought my parasol got trapped in customs, or maybe they were busy, or something, but by the time it occurred to me they had not sent out my item, it was too late to file a PayPal claim (Or so PP's site says: 30 day limit). I was too generous and forgiving, not to mention, i lost track of time because of being so busy lately.

I've sent a email to them every day for the last week asking where my item is, but still no reply. So, I pose the question: Is they're in anything I can do at this point to salvage my $37.00?

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Lolita Aprons

I do a lot of baking and I'd love to have a lolita apron to wear. Since my aprons get quite dirty I don't want a brand apron, so I'm looking for something cheaper that I wont feel bad about covering in flour and chocolate. Does anyone know of any cute offbrand aprons? I'm looking at Bodyline right now but I can't find any there. Are there any companies that make replicas of Baby or AP aprons? Photos would be great if you have any! Are there any other bakers here who like bake in frills?
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FIT Museum Exhibit

Received this in my email today and thought I'd pass it along to you lovely ladies.

The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC will be hosting an exhibit called "Japan Fashion Now" which is focused on exploring contemporary Japanese fashion, including Lolita. The show runs from September 17, 2010-January 8, 2011 and and they will be hosting a Lolita tea party as part of their Fashion Culture series. This year's Fashion Symposium is on November 4-5, 2010, on the subject of Japanese fashion.

The full article can be found here:
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Ebay Questions lolitababy123

I was wondering if anyone had bought anything from this persons shop?
I was considering buying a coat but I'm not sure if its fake as they have pictures from different websites// but the feedback isn't bad. Has anyone bought anything from them?
Is it that they make good replicas?
The coat I liked :
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Anyone Planning on Going to Oneesan Fantaisies Dans le Monde de Reves?

 I am considering going to the event, and I was curious to see how many people are going! I'm also unsure about conventions, and I'm a bit scared about going by myself. I don't have any local friends who are lolitas, and I frankly don't have any lolita friends at all! I'm also a total newbie so I'm just... quite unsure about going. Any suggestions/advice? Are most lolitas at cons generally agreeable and friendly, or do they hover in groups? If you're going, what styles do you plan on wearing? (casual, sweet, punk, goth, classic, etc.) Should I be this scared and nervous?!?

Help a newbie out! XD

Edit: Also, would it be weird to wear casual lolita one day? I really only have one brand outfit and its a casual Meta black/gold coord. And is steam-lolita too cosplay-y? 
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egl_comm_art - Current Contests

Greetings from one of the mods over at egl_comm_art!
For those who don't know of us, we're a Lolita art community, centered around the sharing and critiquing of Lolita-based art, regardless of skill level and level of completion. Need suggestions on what direction to take a certain piece? Afraid of your work getting torn to pieces by the general egl community? Come join egl_comm_art and post your work!
In addition to being a safe haven for uncertain artists, we also do art competitions. The currently running competitions are:

April's theme: Happy Birthday egl_comm_art! - Our community is officially a year old, and this competition is to create a piece for our community layout to reflect that. This competition has recently been extended to May 24th. Please see the original post for more information.

Contest #5: Photo Manipulation - The object of this competition is to create a piece and accompanying icon using photo manipulation. The winner of this competition will have their piece used in the community profile for a three month minimum, as well as receive a wood burned box by evilcatsterer featuring the Lolita style of their choice. This competition ends July 31st. Please see the original post for more information.

You must be a member in order to enter our competitions. Artists and lurkers alike are all welcome to join, just please read our rules before posting.