May 1st, 2010

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Wig Reviews: Milanoo (2 positive, 1 bleh)

Hi Lovelies,

I'm aware that Milanoo's Lolita section doesn't have a good reputation, but I've purchased a couple of wigs and cosplay stuff from them and had positive experiences. I wanted to write a review for the wigs since they have good prices; not all of our wigs can be Cyperous wigs (toooo expensive! XD;;)

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Mod post - Update on talia_speaks situation

This is a (hopefully final) update regarding the situation around talia_speaks - it comes a little late, but I've been waiting for final pieces of information and did not want to post until I had everyone on the list's permission. I have posted below the cut a confirmed list of customers currently waiting on items from talia_speaks. It includes the majority of those who have messaged me regarding their situation (a couple of people have been removed as their situation has been resolved and they did not wish to appear on a public list, which is their right.) It does seem that it differs from talia's own list - anyone appearing on that list who is not on the one below has not messaged me. The list below is also more comprehensive regarding each customer's situation. As is clear from these situations, the backlog was fairly severe and several people have been waiting months for their order. Even more concerning to me is the number of people waiting on items to be fixed or re-made due to sewing errors. While things do occasionally go wrong with fit or sewing, a full half of the customers on this list have had issues with their items (in some cases rendering the garment unwearable) and further customers have had significant delays in receiving items or refunds, or have been refused refunds due to speaking publicly about their experience.

This is unacceptable, even if it is not strictly "scamming" behaviour in the same way as other scammers have operated on egl. With this in mind, the moderation team have determined that talia_speaks will be permabanned from both egl and egl_comm_sales. A ban from egl has been instated in part due to talia's consistent disrespect of the mods, and manipulation of the situation to paint herself as a victim of mod decisions and community harassment.

In regard to the remaining customers on this list, I am passing the responsibility for managing this over to colortheory. The reason for this is twofold: first, I am just about to get into an exam period at university so I really don't have the time for active maintenance of this sort, and second, colortheory is a US-based mod whereas I am in New Zealand, so in the case that any legal action may be required, she will find it far easier to organise and determine any availability of claims via legal channels. She'll still be discussing the situation regularly with the other moderators, just as I have been doing, but will take over as the contact point.

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Any concerns, questions, etc should be brought up in this post. Thanks.
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Where to gooo?!

Hi girls,

This is quite an important matter to me so I hope you can bring help.
I'm going to Wien (Austria) and Paris (France) in my September holidays, but I need to plan the trip now and see how many days I'll stay in every city. The thing is, I can't make an accurate calculation yet because I still haven't decided on what I want to do over those cities.

So I'm asking you for help - I want to know what lolita-friendly places to visit! My idea is to have a bit of a grasp of places that would be suitable for girls like us; frilly, girly, fashionable, with an interest in vintage and antiques, and a soft spot for sweets - not lolita 'per se' but prone to make us swoon or squee in excitement. Like remarkable thrift shops, gardens, historical sights, stores, bookshops, cafes, castles, places where you have meet-ups and things of that sort of which a first-time visitor not knowledgeable.

I have an idea of the "must" sights, of the "classics", but I like alternative locations, a little less famous and better fitting in a Parisienne's or a Wienese's "exciting" everyday activities than in a tourist's planner. I have, as a first, obviously, thought of a visit to the Ladurée patisserie, the Bollywood sector and the BABY shop, but as I have little knowledge of Paris as a city and none whatsoever of Wien as so, I wouldn't know where else to go.

Also, as citizens you might have an idea of what the weather is like during September - so what do you think I should take with me? A foldable parasol? Long-sleeved blouses? Would it be too hot for bloomers? I'm not going to use lolita 24/7 but obviously if I'm in cities like Wien and Paris I should break out my frills, for they would be a very suitable place to look like a princess ;]

Your help is greatly appreciated. (and my apologies if I couldn't get back to you in my previous picture request, my computer is being rather stubborn so I couldn't thank all of you personally, but you were all very very helpful.)
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NYC Sakura Matsuri

Want to give a big shout out and thank you to those who attended the tea party at Sakura Matsuri at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. They felt it was a very successful, hopefully they'll be similar events in the future.

I hope everyone had fun despite the sun and the first wave of summer heat. Hope to see you tomorrow!

Also any feedback would be helpful so I can tell them what you guys thought in your own words.