April 30th, 2010

Fanime Fashion Show & Panel, looking for models

I'm very excited to let everyone know that hellodolly & I will be hosting an intro to lolita panel at Fanime. It will be all about what is and isn't lolita but most of it will be a super awesome fashion show representing all the main substyles of lolita, as well as many of the common trends/popular themes. Keeping with Fanime's "by the fans for the fans" motto we're looking to fill our fashion show with locals (or visitors coming up for the con) from the lolita community.

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Happy news from A-Kon

To all those who are planning on attending A-Kon in Dallas this June, new guests have been announced.  Among them are h.Naoto and Hangry&Angry.  I'm so excited now!

Here's what the A-Kon newsletter said:

h.NAOTO and Hangry&Angry

Representatives of fashion design lines h.NAOTO and HANGRY&ANGRY will be featured in the Exhibit Hall (outside the dealers room, 2nd floor of the conference center). They will be speaking during the weekend as well. h.NAOTO is known worldwide for their high fashion gothic/Lolita clothing as well as designs worn by celebrities and rock stars. HANGRY&ANGRY are masters of animal-shaped purses and shoulder bags; they’re a perfect mix of shredded punk and kawaii.


[Bleach] Urahara: Sympathy for the Devil

Help me make a shoe decision!

Hi everyone! The Sakura Festival is tomorrow and I'm putting together the outfit I'll wear, and I need a little bit of decision help!

I have two shoe options here, and I can't decide which one I want to wear. Please excuse the poor quality, I had my roommate take pictures with her cell phone. Also I'm sorry about the mess in the background!

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Also I'm not sure about the socks. They're cute socks, and they have a cute music note-type theme going on that I thought would compliment the outfit, but I think they weight it too heavily to the bottom. Unfortunately I don't own a pair of white tights! I'm going to try and find a pair for tomorrow but this is what I've got for now. If anyone knows where I could find a pair of OTK socks that would go with this outfit, please point me in that direction :)
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Ling Lam transaction


I've recently purchased a pair of white RHS via Ling Lam. This is the first time I've ordered something via eBay, and I'm not.. Sure what I should do. I already paid, according to paypal, but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to send Ling Lam a notification that I've already paid, and the shipping address.

I paid them last sunday, and I'm not sure if I should be doing something else rather than waiting XD

And no, I'm not complaining about Ling Lam's service, just an eBay newb question XDu

Thanks <3

Milwaukee Lolita Society Dinner

The Milwaukee Lolita Society is getting together for din-din =)

ʎɐpunS, ʎɐɯ 16, 2010
:əɯıʇ 7:00ɯd - 9:00ɯd
:uoıʇɐɔol Honeypie Bakery and Cafe
:ʇəəɹʇS 2643 South Kinnickinnic Avenue
:uʍoʇ/ʎʇıϽ Milwaukee, WI

I'll pretty much be going there right after ACen.  Hope you can join us, I would love to meet more of you!
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Qutieland - Blouse sleeve length?

Sorry to post again so soon, but I have another question: having completed the order and received a confirmation e-mail, I now have to complete a few more measurements. The one that I'm having trouble with is 'Blouse sleeve length'. This would seem an obvious thing, but for their note by it: 'measurement from the joint of shoulder and arm to the cuff'.

Does this mean not including the cuff? It seems to be suggesting that, but it seems a little peculiar; when I checked Google, they confirmed that blouse sleeve length includes the cuff. But still, that wording niggles.

So, dodgy translation or not dodgy translation, o people who know about this kind of thing?
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