April 29th, 2010

Problem with Juliette & Justine order - SOLVED !

Hi girls!

I need the help of someone who is used to order directly from Juliette & Justine Online shop.
I just placed an order, but don't really understand how to send my paiement :-(

As you know, J&J now accept international orders, and there is this fantastic tutorial just here.
BUT, things seem to have changed: The tutorial (that I forgot to look before placing my order) says that J&J doesn't accept paypal...but I've actually checked a paypal box on the paiement page (that was not pictured on the screenshot in the tutorial), and it was even written "only for international customer" just under it.

After what I've gone to a new page where they told me they are going to send a confirmation mail, so I can pay (and the message was in English, amazing!).

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I juust received a paypal invoice from J&J, this morning, so this really works :-) Thanks everyone for your kind help! <3
angelic pretty

Small plastic hair bows...gawwdd

I have been looking for a while now for those small, plastic bows that some sweet lolitas, fairy-keis and decololis wear in their hair.
They're just the tiny ones that you clip into strands of your hair, anywhere you want, and usually 4 or more of them. I hope you know what I mean? Any links to where I could purchase them would be very much appreciated <3

P.S ~ I live in England

The small plasticy ones she is wearing, in and next to her fringe
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In Store Shopping Service: Angelic Pretty

 Hi ladies! I've searched the memories but my computer's being wonky. Do you know of any  in-store shopping services? Angelic Pretty to be precise. I'd really like to purchase the "Wonder Girl" set from Angelic pretty that's being released on May, 1st but sadly I don't live in Japan. Any help you could give would be fantastic. Thanks again!
[Edit] I remember one user who lived in Japan and ran a shopping service but I forgot her name : ( I think her lj name started with an S . . . Help please?
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Need help with the Ero-loli style!

Hello everyone!

I'm going to a concert in a couple of months and I would really like to a wear ero-loli outit to it because I would like to wear something a bit more mature/ revealing ( I don't really know how to explain it I don't mean it in the way that lolita isn't mature, sorry if I offended anyone!)

However only just getting into gothic lolita myself, I don't know that much about ero lolita.

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