April 28th, 2010

lolita jokes?

I am doing a speech for COM 225, now before you tell me to go research my self. I have all the research down. I just can't think of any funny openings to my speech. this speech is a speech "to entertain". so I am doing a lolita 101 for my class, fully dressed in lolita.

I am trying to think of a funny jokes to sprinkle through out my speech, but they have to be funny to people that know NOTHING about lolita :/

any ideas EGL?

also I am doing a Powerpoint so images are great too!

(p.s I also don't want lolita to come off as a joke)
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Loli of Spades

Imai Kira Information

So... I've Googled my brains out, looked through the memories, and used the search function, none of which have helped.

I'm looking for *ACTUAL BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION* about Imai Kira for a school project. Her main site isn't much help (her birthdate is understandable cryptic), and I can't find much else on the internets other than people's Flickr and Photobucket accounts.

I'm mostly looking for some basic biographical information, as well as a little about her career. Luckily, her resume is on her site, but I'm looking for stuff that goes back a little further.

Can someone help a rufflebutt out?

Ramble Rori Part 7: Lolita and Relationships

Hey everyone, I'm posting on behalf of my roommate, tbeanax, because she is sleepy :( As in, she has work at 5 AM tomorrow and I told her I'd post it so she could go to sleep early. I'm not in charge of these surveys, so if you're having any trouble please contact her, not me! I will not be able to answer any questions because I have no idea XD;

Posted with permission from harukoko  

After researching a bit through books and online materials, I have decided to lauch a worldwide survey and research study on the Lolita fashion and its affect on the human psyche. To complete this, I need as many Lolitas as possible to complete a series of surveys I will be issuing out once a week to obtain more information on a strictly polling and research based level.

Hello everyone, it's your research lolita over here at Ramble Rori with more surveys to complete and more results to view.

Lolita & Relationships Survey is now up. It will take you 10 - 20 minutes to complete.

!WARNING! -- Lolita & Relationships Survey has 5 questions about sexual activity and sexual orientation. There is an option to "Decline to Answer" if you are uncomfortable, but if you do not want to see questions at all about that subject material, please do not take this week's survey. 

I just want to make sure people aren't shocked or offended when they see the questions. We don't have statistics on this kind of information, so it is a necessary step, but I want to be sure that everyone is comfortable with what they are answering.

Results from Part 6: Lolita & Anime/Manga can be found at Ramble Rori. Results from Interest Survey: Video Game Genres can also be found at Ramble Rori. Please follow the blog to be kept up to date!

Thank you for your continued participation and support!
manhattan back

longer skirts

My body is shaped kinda oddly and most of the standard length lolita skirts are a bit on the short side for me. I wanted to try out some of the longer length skirts (I guess they go past the knee), but I don't really see it very often. It's either that, or get an underskirt (but with the weather warming up, I'd rather not wear 50 million layers of stuff).

I'm 5'5" / 165cm, and the length from my waist to my knees is about ~24 inches / 61cm .

So, I was wondering if any of you lovelies have any photos I can take a peek at before I decide to try them out?

Thanks in advance!!

SHEER BLOUSES in outfits (pictures please)

I am looking for photos of outfits that incorporate sheer blouses.  preferably short sleeve blouses Casual lolita, mori-girl, or just lolita inspired would be wonderful.  I have a few sheer blouses in my wardrobe (like this but short sleeved http://elizabethleifer.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/img_4074.jpg) Despite living in cold weather, i cannot for the life of me layer clothing and so I am looking for inspiration.

I know sheer blouses in lolita can be somewhat controversial, and I'm open to discussion about it, but I do think it can be done rather well, I just never saved any of the pictures to reference now.  Thank you in advance for your input, pictures, links, etc.
bodyline_love moderator

New Community!

Specifically for Bodyline, since all other brands have their comms, we can't leave out Bodyline! It's called bodyline_love.

This community is for anything Bodyline related: reviews, requests, WTB posts (no sales, only WTB), site updates, questions, anything really ^^ But the main reason for creating this community is to have an organized place to look for reviews, since BL's quality and size is iffy from item to item. Cross-posting reviews from egl to bodyline_love is A-okay!, too!

So let's get posting!

PS, I'm looking for another mod or two, to help with tagging entries and small stuff like that!

Posted with permission from xelyna and colortheory (Sorry! I didn't mean to ask you both, I thought I couldn't remember how to spell your username but apparently I did ^^;;)

Cosmetics Question

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to Lolita fashion and will be posting a bunch of questions so I hope the veterans can help me out!

My first question is....

What makeup/cosmetic brands you use...any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

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