April 27th, 2010

Lolita flea market in Stockholm, Apr 25th 2010 - AWESOME EPIC AWESOME

On Sun 25th we had a lolita flea market in Stockholm. We were noticed by the local free newspaper Metro on Friday with an article, all other advertisement had gone through Facebook and the Swedish Lolita Forum as well as posters and flyers on well chosen places.

One word to describe it all: awesomeness. 110 people were standing in line at the opening, estimated number of visitors were 300+ and the mood was epic. We even had visitors from Norway and Finland!

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hogworts girl cg 3d

cheep loli-able shoes

I hate to send people to my competition but, Walmart marked down the pink ladybug marry jane flats to $4.88 that’s like 66% off.

At 15 bucks they were not worth it. But, if you have a dress in the same shade of pink they could be worth 4.88
sby, famiko

Other cute Homeware stores in Japan?

So practically everyone knows about good ol' SWIMMER and the fantastic range of little knick-knacks they do
for around & about the home.

So, apart from them.... what other easy-to-find brands are there in Japan that stock cute homeware similar to Swimmer
or that are Lolita-y ? (or gothic-y bits would be awesome too)

I am moving to Fukuoka in a few months and really need to jazz up my apartment a bit!!

Or shall I just customise stuff from Daiso etc??
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Pen and ink art post

For my art class I had to take an image, redraw it, and shade in the values using words that relate to the picture. I drew an ad from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright that depicts a lolita lying in a coffin. I mainly used poems to fill up the picture. I hope you all like it! Collapse ) Edit: click on the photo here to see it in an even bigger version.
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Sorry to change the rules again so suddenly, but it's clear to us now that the new system is not ready to be implemented yet.

Therefore: We are going back to the old rules until May 30.

Moderated posting will still be on because of the new "no outside sale pages" rule. Also, if you have a feedback page on eglfeedback you must link to it. If you don't you must link to another feedback page or screencaps of feedback from the LoliGoth DBS.

There are just too many requests for new feedback pages for us to keep up with, as it is a rather time-consuming task to make each one individually when there are over 8000 members currentlyX_x;; We are looking into a new automated system, but for now it's just going to take time to do it right.

ALSO! We are not going to be replying to requests anymore, so if you want to check if your new feedback page has been made, you can do it one of 2 ways.
1. Click on the tag relating to the first letter of your username (i.e. I would click on "~x" to find "Xelyna")
2. If your request has been deleted from the request page, it also means it has been made.

If there is a problem with your request page, make a new request.


1. Everyone can post to egl_comm_sales again, as long as they obey the normal rules.

2. New rules requiring a feedback page on eglfeedback will start again on May 30.

3. Check the tags starting with "~a" etc... to find if your new eglfeedback page has been made yet.
General - Lipstick

Qutieland sizing?

Two three questions!:

1. I know that some of the bigger people on this comm have had issues with garments being slightly too small. Would any of the petite people have any input on this, eg. garments wrongly sized/out of proportion/etc.?

2. 'Lower Bust' - by this, do they mean the ribcage just under the bust? Or what? *confused* SOLVED! The answer is yes. :D


For reference, my measurements are 33-25-34; just in case that's relevant.

E.T.A. 3. The Rosa Melody dress page notes that it's 90cm, and thus about right for 162-178cm tall. I'm 151. Therefore, would a length about 78-80cm be about right, to get it on the knee? It looks about right, but I'm a tad paranoid.
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Making a skirt out of a JSK

I know I've seen this done before, but I just can't remember who did it. I bought a Bodyline candy JSK a while back, and it didn't fit me. At the time, my self-conscious brain assumed "OMG I'm too fat!" I've been dieting, so today I decided to try it on and realized that.....it's actually my bust that doesn't fit it. =o_o=

I already modified it to be a halter-top, so I'd rather not sell it. Instead, I'd like to try to salvage the skirt part and make it into a skirt, since that part fits my waist, it seems.

Does anyone have any advice, or maybe links to tutorials on how to do this? I did use the search bar, but I couldn't find anything about making a skirt out of a JSK. I've made a few skirts from regular fabric, but I don't know if I'd be able to use my skirt method on this, and I'd like to keep the elastic that's already there on it, since it's fine and fits me correctly.