April 25th, 2010

Halloween guro lolita nurse


I know i asked this before, but i still have yet to see posts asking for lolita models! are they not having it or are they providing own models?! its my dream to model lolita for otakon and those wonderful designers! please help!
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Ouji-sama and Aristocrat inspiration.

Good morning :]

Now that I've got rid of most of my academic burdens I can get working on my character depiction a bit more. And like many other writers / artists, I work on my characters' physical appearence very thoroughly and that would include their overall style. The thing is that some of them wear things that one would consider apt for aristocrat and/or ouji-sama, and I would like to keep a folder in my computer for outfit inspiration in case I run dry of it, but I don't know where to look for suitable pictures! The ones I have have been found casually on websites or downloaded in a .zip with GLBs.
So my question to you is - do you know where I can find inspirational pictures for ouji and aristocrat outfits? Japanese fashion pictures are all right, but I'm keener on historical illustrations, preferably from the Regency period, or fashion pictures of clothes that look really really similar or inspired by those. Everything from Tumblr links, to your own .zip files, high fashion spreads or even Kamijo or other fashionable artist would be highly appreciated.
Just remember that aristocrat and ouji are not the same thing - close, though, but not the same ;) (my characters tend to blend in things from different historical periods, and there are some that wear just the clothes from the period they come from - that's why I ask for both) and that there's no such thing as too much inspiration!

Merci beaucoup! x
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just a quick GMarket question

I'm trying to order one of those nice Gabalnara wigs throught Gmarket (W34 like everyone else XD). I got to the second step where you select payment -- in the part where you're filling out your info it asks for 'receiver's name' and 'sender's name' and maybe I'm just dumb but I don't feel sure I know what that means. Do I just fill in my name twice? silly question I know, but I don't want to mess up my order somehow.

so if you've ordered through Gmarket before, your help would be appreciated!

EDIT: Thank guys, I just completed my order!

just for fun, if you feel like it, I'd love to see pics of people in their gabalnara wigs :3

Daily Lolita socks

Hello girls !

I wear lolita every days, and I've a problem; socks.
Well, all my socks died ! And I can't leave 20€+shipping for socks every mounths. T_T

I want to keep my brand socks alive, then wear them just for meeting & co.

I'm seeking for a website where I can buy lolita (or loliable) socks not very expensive, socks + postage.
I love print over knee ones. (stripped or doted too)
I want bright colors, like pink, white, cream, off-white, etc.
I'm seeking for short loli socks as well, for summer !

(I don't really care if it's cheap, i'll wear them everydays, then no worries about this.)

Can you help me?

Thank you ! ♥

Antenna shoes = Miranda shoes ???

Hi Lolitas

I was searching for lolita boots and looked at Lolita BabyAngel as well as QutieLand. I am particularly looking at the brands Antenna by Kreuz, which Lolita BabyAngel claims as the brand of the shoes they are selling in their website; and Miranda Shoes, which is the brand of the boots I see in QutieLand (QutieLand also says that Miranda Shoes are often exported to Japan).

And then I discovered that a model of "Antenna" shoes in Lolita BabyAngel looks exactly the same as these Miranda Shoes boots in QutieLand (some of the pictures also seem to be exactly the same). O__O

Could that possibly mean that Antenna may be supplied by Chinese manufacturers (which is alternatively labeled as Miranda Shoes)? Or perhaps Lolita BabyAngel generalized too much by saying that all the shoes in the website are Antenna shoes? I might go to Tokyo this summer, and might go shopping for shoes (because I'd be able to try them on & shipping prices are so expensive). But if some of the ones I'd find are the same made-in-China stuff that's available online (for cheaper prices), I might as well get it online right? I heard shoes from QutieLand are quite comfortable too for lolita shoes.

Any advice/thoughts/opinion/reactions?

Edit: whoa, I just realized this, some boxes of QutieLand shoes is labeled "an*tai*na" = antenna

Edit 2: I did some more research on this, and found the Japanese website of Antenna shoes on Rakuten.co.jp. I found this model that looks a lot like the one in QutieLand, and in the information on Antenna's website, the shoes are indeed made in China, which makes it even more possible that Antenna & an*tai*na really have the same manufacturer (but probably without the quality control).
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Self-Intro and Debating Over First Loli Outfit Purchase

Hello you all.
This is my first post in this community, so maybe I should give a small introduction.

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Now that it's almost my 21st birthday, I'm going to buy my first outfit, so I am coming here for advice. Because I am so tall, I have to have a custom length measurement so I can't really go with brand, obviously, but on the other hand, I don't want anything that's super italoli, so I've been doing my research and ended up getting the most positive vibes from Anna House and Qutieland. Most of the Anna House stuff looked more... in your face loli to me (but still mega cute!), whereas I wanted something a little more toned down for my first piece (to get into it more gradually instead of with a bang), something that would look okay to wear on a daily basis but is still very loli, so I think I'm going to get my first dress from Qutieland (my next outfit I eventually buy will be a skirt, as it's more versatile, but I really wanted to get my feet wet with a dress).

So I have collected pictures of all the dresses I was considering, and wanted your guys' opinions on them--how they looked, if any looked tacky or too costumy, etc., and just overall impressions. I'd rather make a very educated choice than a naive one. So here are the dresses!:

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Sorry for all the questions... I'm just really hesitant and paranoid because it will be my first outfit and I want it to be splendid! =)

Also, I tried to add tags, but I got the message "Error updating journal: Client error: Not allowed to add tags to entries in this journal" so I removed them. Not sure if I was doing something wrong.
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